These Gorgeous Crystal Rose Gifts Will Make Their Day

If you’re stumped when picking out a gift for someone, you can never go wrong with something that is sure to send positivity and beauty their way. Whether they’re into crystals and have an entire collection or have never thought about getting one before, giving them a crystal rose gift is sure to make them smile.

The beauty of these gifts is that they’re timeless, so they’ll cherish them for years to come. We can always use more positivity, so this gift won’t go unappreciated. Unlike real flowers, these crystalized versions will stay alive forever, so it’s the perfect way to show someone your eternal love for them. Below, we’ve rounded up the best crystal rose gifts that they are sure to love.

A version of this article was originally published on June 12th, 2020.


1. Beferr Crystal

If you want something that’s dainty and doesn’t take up much space, this 24-karat gold plated crystal rose gift will fit your gifting needs. Unlike real flowers, this one will last forever, so it will always serve as a constant reminder of your love for someone. It comes in a beautiful pink package, so it’s ready to gift when you receive it. The rose picks up multiple colors, so it always offers something new to admire.

2. Amlong Crystal

This lotus flower crystal rose gift takes up more space, so if you want something more substantial, this is your best bet. Available in three colors ranging from pink to purple shades, you can pick the color they’ll like best. They’ll admire the brilliant cut of this flower, which also picks up vibrant hues that makes it an exquisite piece of art. You can also choose from three different sizes based on what you think your gift recipient will like best.

3. Louis Garden Crystal

Fans of Beauty & The Beast will fall in love with this crystal rose gift inspired by the movie that is complete with LED lights that you can control from a handy remote. This encapsulated dome figure will look gorgeous displayed on a dresser or bookshelf, and will add instant ambiance. If you’re looking for a gift that shows your eternal love, this flower that lives forever is a great place to start.

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