TikTok user warns women against 'old Tinder acccount' lies

Is YOUR partner secretly cheating on Tinder? TikTok user shares viral PSA for women whose boyfriends say their app profiles are ‘old’ – warning accounts only show up if they have been accessed within seven days

  • Ontario-based TikToker @trinniiitty took to the social media app to ‘spread some knowledge’ on October 16
  • She says that if a friend sees your boyfriend on Tinder and your boyfriend claims it’s an ‘old account,’ he’s not to be believed
  • She claims that profiles that are not active for seven days are no longer shown
  • The inactivity claim is widely-held on social media but appears to be a myth
  • Many people have vouched that their own profiles have popped up on the app even when they hadn’t been on for months

A woman’s PSA about catching cheaters who lie about their dating app presence is earning millions of views on TikTok.

Ontario-based TikToker @trinniiitty took to the social media app to ‘spread some knowledge’ on October 16.

In her video, which has been viewed 2.4 million times, she explains why people shouldn’t believe a significant other who insists that a Tinder profile that still shows up on the app is ‘old.’

Looking for cheaters: Ontario-based TikToker @trinniiitty took to the social media app to ‘spread some knowledge’ on October 16

Disappear? She said that Tinder profiles stop showing after seven days of inactivity

Trinity wants users to be skeptical if their friends see their current boyfriend or girlfriend on Tinder.

If they’re caught, the boyfriend or girlfriend might insist that the profile is their old one still showing up — but that’s probably not true. 

‘Just a PSA if they’re like “oh yeah that’s an old Tinder account they saw, I deleted the app a long time ago,”‘ she wrote in the video.

‘Tinder only shows profiles that have been active within 7 days,’ she said.

Her video has quickly racked up likes, and commenters have piled on, with one writing: ‘That’s on how my bf got busted.’

‘So my calculations were correct this whole time,’ wrote another.

‘And that’s how my ex got GOT,’ wrote another. ‘And his first pic was him with MY DOG.’

Some commenters noted that this wasn’t strictly true, and someone who swipes through all active profiles might get to an older one — which Trinity confirmed. 

Trinity isn’t the first person to share this advice on social media. Earlier this year, Twitter user @tamsalexa offered a similar warning, earning 343,000 likes.

‘Hey girls, if someone sends you your boyfriends tinder profile it means he’s on tinder. he didn’t “delete the app a while ago” because if he did then his profile wouldn’t be circulating in the area,’ she wrote. ‘Also it didn’t “automatically upload new pics from facebook”. be smarter please.’

‘Tinder only shows accounts that have been active within the past 7 days!!!! boys are such liars,’ a commenter added.

But though the warning is widely shared, others point out that it’s not strictly true. 

Be smart: Earlier this year, Twitter users made similar claims that went viral

Not true? But other commenters said that this was a myth, and shared their own experience with their old, unused profiles popping up

Several website and message boards have repeated the claim that profiles stop popping up after seven days of inactivity, but many other commenters have shared firsthand experience to counter that.

‘I had my tinder profile circulating for months while not being on the app at all since I was in a relationship,’ one Twitter user insisted. 

‘Not tryna start anything but a guy recently messaged me on fb saying he found my tinder but I deleted the app legit like 6 months ago so idk what is going on,’ wrote another.

‘Your profile continues to circulate, it is just moved into an inactive pile. Being inactive just means that it is less likely people will come across your profile, unless they either put very limited search options and you fit in them, or they swipe through a lot of people,’ tweeted a third.  

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