Travis Scott’s ‘Devising A Plan’ To Take Heat Off Kanye’s ‘Antics’ By Dropping Their New Song

Amid Kanye West’s shocking behavior, fellow rapper Travis Scott has come up with a way he thinks he can change the conversation! Here’s all the EXCLUSIVE details!

Kanye West‘s, 40, definitely been testing his fans’ commitment in recent days. Lately, it’s been one surprising stunt after another including Twitter rants, firing his manager and proudly showing off his signed Make America Great Again hat. Now, we’re learning that Travis Scott, 25, has a scheme to try and get people talking about something else! “Travis and Kylie [Jenner, 20] are taking the time to learn from the positive and negative responses Kanye has been receiving from social media and his peers and Travis is devising a plan that could potentially curb a lot of the criticism Kanye is getting,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “That plan involves dropping their new track on everyone’s head to pull their focus away from his antics.”

On Wednesday, April 25, Kanye mentioned the track on Twitter to Travis, writing, “Trav we gotta drop the track with me you and Uzi this week bro.” Travis responded, “T’was the plan legoooo.” So this plan clearly isn’t a secret! But it couldn’t come at a better time considering all the hostility Yeezy is getting from fans and critics alike. The insider went on to add that, although Travis isn’t all that political, the controversy surrounding Kanye has definitely offered some perspective.

Travis is all about the music and the creativity,” the insider added. “He doesn’t get involved too much with the politics and what people’s ideologies are, he’s just a creator and likes to keep it that way. Travis and Kylie talk about different ways to approach social media and Travis has always been cognizant about the things that he shares with his fans.”

The source also mentioned that his GF Kylie really admires the way her sister Kim Kardashian has stuck by her husband during all this turmoil. “Kylie is super impressed with Kim and the way she is handling herself and the situation she and Kanye are in. Kylie truly admires Kim in that sense that she is always so calm and collected. Kim is maneuvering very well, and Kylie absolutely loves that she is defending her husband and is standing behind Kanye. Kylie would love to be that kind of woman for Travis one day.” Awww! Now, we’re gonna have to wait for this track to drop!

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