Tristan Thompson ‘Glad’ Kanye’s Getting Slammed: He’s No Longer ‘The Black Sheep’ After Cheating

Kanye West is getting trolled on Twitter for his Trump love, and Tristan Thompson doesn’t feel bad. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE on why Tristan is happy he isn’t the only man the Kardashians ‘can be angry with.’

Kanye West shocked the world when he admitted to having “love” for Donald Trump on April 25. And while most fans are hoping this is just an episode of the Twilight Zone, Tristan Thompson is living for it. “Tristan has no idea what is going on with Kanye right now. Tristan isn’t necessarily enjoying seeing Kanye throw away his image to promote his projects, but he’s happy that all of the negative attention that has been directed at him has shifted to berating Kanye for his actions on social media,” a source close to Tristan tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. As many of you may know, Tristan has been catching hell for cheating on his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian with multiple women throughout her entire pregnancy.

And despite the fact that he and Khloe welcomed their baby girl True Thompson on April 12, fans of Koko have not let up. He’s been called every name from “Serial Cheater” to “Tristan ‘Third Trimester’ Thompson,” so you can understand why he’s glad to have the spotlight off him for a second. “Tristan has felt like the black sheep for the last three weeks ever since his cheating scandal came to light, so he’s glad there is someone else in the Kardashian realm that people can be angry with. Tristan is incredibly sorry for what he’s done, but he isn’t feeling badly for Kanye in anyway,” our source continued. Ouch!

However, Kanye’s Twitter rants aren’t going to make the photos and videos of Tristan stepping out on Khloe disappear. As we previously told you, Tristan was allegedly photographed entering and leaving a hotel with Instagram model Lani Blair on April 7, and before that security footage surfaced of him making out and motorboating two women back in October. That’s definitely not going to go away.

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