Tyga ‘Turned On’ By Iggy Azalea’s Tweet About Guys Who ‘Ate Her P****’: He’d Do It Anytime, Anywhere

Tyga is ‘totally down to get freaky’ with Iggy Azalea after her latest tweet about oral sex! A source close to Tyga EXCLUSIVELY told HL how the rapper is ready to spoil her!

Tyga, 28, is “turned on” after Iggy Azalea, 27, recently posted a late-night tweet about how some of her exes underwhelmed her in their bedroom performance — specifically when it came to oral sex. A source close to the rapper EXCLUSIVELY gave us the deets about Tyga’s reaction to Iggy’s post. “Tyga is totally turned on by Iggy’s crazy, late night tweet,” our source said. “Tyga has liked her for a while and thinks Iggy is sexy and hilarious. He is totally down to get freaky with her anytime, anywhere. Tyga has been around the block a few times and feels he is an expert at pleasing a woman. If Iggy has been having problems with other men who don’t know how to take care of her, then Tyga would be happy to spoil her and satisfy all her needs.”

In case you missed it, Iggy had previously taken to Twitter to get very, very real about oral sex. “I have so many introspective things I’d like to lament on when it comes to men,” she wrote. “But since this is Twitter & it’s midnight I’ll just say this: I swear on everything I love if you never ate my p***y like it was a cup-o-noodles; I never really loved you.”

Tyga and Iggy had recently been spotted together at a Coachella party holding hands. While fans have been curious if they’re something more going on between the two, a source close to Tyga set the record straight. There’s always been an attraction between them, a definite chemistry. And recently, their friendship has turned physical. They’re not at the stage of dating yet though, they’re more just friends with benefits, but it looks like it could definitely be on the cards in the future,” our insider told us. Time will tell whether or not these friends with benefits become something more.

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