Woman delivers her own baby in hotel room using YouTube videos

A woman who “doubted” that she was pregnant used YouTube videos to learn how to deliver her own baby after she went into labor alone in a hotel room.

Tia Freeman, 22, from Nashville, USA, was traveling from the US to Germany when she started suffering contractions as she landed for a stopover in Istanbul, Turkey.

Speaking about the ordeal, which took place this March, Freeman revealed she had been in “denial” — having only been told about her pregnancy at six months.

Taking to Twitter, Freeman told how she had first assumed her pains were caused by food poisoning from salmon she’d eaten on the plane.

It was only when she was going through customs that she realized what she was experiencing was labor.

Freeman, a computer specialist in the US Air Force, shared the details of her amazing story on Twitter — where thousands have now shared the tale.

Determined not to give birth at the airport, Freeman managed to make it to her hotel room where she then began to search on YouTube for advice on how to deliver her own baby.

Filling a bath with warm water and grabbing two towels (one to bite onto and one to swaddle her new-born in) Freeman began pushing once her contractions got to every minute.

After five or six pushes, Freeman says that her baby “popped out” and “floated right on up to the top of the water.”

Freeman then checked the sex of her tot and Googled how to cut an umbilical cord without any tools beyond a knife.

Using sterilized shoelaces as clamps, Freeman then cut the cord and cleaned up the bathroom, “which looked like the set of a horror movie,” before breastfeeding her little boy and going to sleep.

The next day, Freeman made her way back to the airport to find out how she would leave Turkey with a new-born in tow.

After convincing local police and Turkish Airlines of her story, she became headline news.

Eventually, Freeman was taken to the US Consulate in Istanbul, where she applied for a birth certificate and passport for her son — who she named Xavier Ata Freeman.

After going to the hospital, she was given the all clear and spent another two weeks in Turkey, fully paid for by Turkish Airlines.

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