Woman feared she’d go blind after lip erupted and spread filler infection to eye

A 25-year-old woman feared she would go blind after her fillers caused her lips to swell and become infected.

Beautician Jessica Myott, from Stockport, claims the popular cosmetic procedure left her in so much pain she was unable to eat or drink for almost a week.

She had to go to hospital and was put on a drip after her lips began oozing yellow pus, before the infection started spreading towards her eye.

"I look like the elephant man," she told The Sun.

The mum-of-one said she had purchased a lip filler appointment after seeing the procedure advertised on Instagram.

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She later secured £2,500 in compensation after it went gruesomely wrong.

Jessica told the newspaper she had to spend four days in hospital on a drip and had to have an operation to remove three abscesses.

She claims her upper lip is "permanently numb", she has lost a stone in weight and has been suffering panic attacks since the bungled procedure.

Jessica, who has her own salon in Manchester, purchased the lip filler procedure from Faces by AKJ Aesthetics in Stockport on November 29, 2018.

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She paid £450 for a package deal to have 3ml of filler injected into her lips and jaw before her lips began to swell the following day, she claims.

Within days her lip had become so swollen and fat she was in agony.

Jessica said she sent pictures to the aesthetician, but they told her they couldn't see her on a Sunday.

She visited two walk-in clinics, and when they couldn't help, she took herself to Stockport's A&E.

Medics told her she had an infection and sent her away with antibiotics.

Despite taking the medication, Jessica awoke in the night unable to breathe properly.

She returned to A&E fearing the infection was spreading further.

They sent her home again with steroid tablets and she went to her GP – desperate for help.

She was told to go to Wythenshawe Hospital where there were facial surgery specialists.

However, she claims she was sent back home again and told to wait for the antibiotics to kick in.

Jessica said she wound up at her mum's place in tears, with a sensation of water under her ear and a burning eye.

She said: “It was a nightmare. The pain was horrendous. I had missed my first day of a new job, and was unable to eat or drink and I couldn’t see my little girl who’s only four… I was scared I would go blind."

Jessica said she was sending daily images of her excruciating infection to Faces.

Co-owner Mandy Johnson told the Sun the salon was in constant contact with Jessica and had given her a full refund.

She also claims to have offered Jessica the full cost of going to a private doctor on the first day she complained and said she did not take up the offer.

Mandy said there were doctors and nurses working on site, but not on a Sunday when the pharmacy was closed.

Days later, Jessica's lip was so swollen and painful her mum stormed into A&E and demanded action.

While they were there her top lip split, leading medics to put her on a drip pumping her full of antibiotics and fluids.

Jessica was told she needed an operation on her lip, which was 'oozing' pus.

The next day medics removed three abscesses and Jessica said she had a panic attack when she came around from the operation.

She had to remain in hospital for two more days in case more abscesses developed

Following her ordeal, she sought legal advice from Pabla & Pabla Solicitors in Manchester who secured £2,500 in compensation from the self-employed cosmetician, Steph Billance, who carried out the lip filler procedure.

The 27-year-old from Manchester said she was 'devastated' by what had happened.

She claims it was the first time any of the 'thousands' of women she has treated have had a 'reaction'.

Jessica has not been put off having lip fillers by the experience.

In July 2019 Dr Jane Leonard of Beyond Medispa in London said she could undergo the procedure.

Despite now suffering from a fear of needles, Jessica has had her lips cosmetically plumped.

“I still have fillers but not as much as I used to," she said.

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