The world’s most romantic engagement photos revealed

They said YES! From walking hand-in-hand under a double rainbow to steamy clinch on the beach, are these the world’s most spectacular engagement photos?

  • Competition launched to find the most extraordinary engagement photo has had 6,000 entries
  • Couples are captured in spectacular settings – including stars, rainbows and canyons – after saying ‘yes’ 
  • Experts say engagement photo should showcase ‘passion, joy, and overall excitement of being engaged’

A proposal is the first step towards the aisle and – hopefully – a lifetime together. 

And in an age where Instagram rules, the more spectacular the engagement photo, the better.

A new global competition shows that for some couples, there really is no limits to finding an out-of-this-world setting that matches how their happy hearts feel.

Love is… a kiss on the beach! This sultry shot of a couple enjoying a tender moment at the shore’s edge was named one of the best engagement photographs in a recent global competition by Junebug Weddings

Scenic drama to match the emotional theatre: This couple perch high on the edge of a canyon after a successful proposal

Holding their breath for love: A couple take to the water to share a kiss beneath the surface

Share my brolly…forever: This elegant-looking couple make the most of the sunset light in this striking shot

Serendipity: This loved-up pair found their mountain engagement photos hijacked in the nicest way – by two rainbows 

A sky studded with diamonds… and a mirrored lake make this a celestial moment for these betrothed lovers

Caught in the middle: A couple stand staring at the camera as a beach football game goes on around them

Love on two wheels: This besuited dirt bike rider takes his bride-to-be for a spin

Thrills and spills: A black-and-white shot captures a couple kissing under a snaking rollercoaster

This couple took the arty approach to their engagement…fading out their images with the cities they live in

From nearly 6,000 entries, the chosen images in Junebug Weddings’ annual competition included couples strolling under double rainbows, beneath galaxies of stars, kissing underwater, and even riding a dirt bike.

In order to select the 50 best images, judges first anonymise the entries, before assigning points to each image.

The final collection is comprised of the images that receive the most points from the judges as well as the images that the Junebug team feel add diversity and good representation to the collection.

A strong engagement photo, Carrie Schwab, editor-in-chief of Junebug Weddings, said, should showcase ‘passion, joy, and just the overall excitement of being engaged to your partner.’

Each year the popular website host other such contests, including the Best of the Best Destination Contest and Best Wedding Photos.

Barefoot, with no-one else around: This couple went for a deserted road for the engagement photos and judges were impressed

Red rock love: This couple wander among a dramatic rust-coloured landscape to mark their union

No-one’s dumping anyone: A stylishly-dressed couple make out in the digger of a tractor on an empty beach

Country embrace: A couple share a tightly held hug as they pose for photos on top of a tree-lined mountain range

Tea for two! A couple head for a tea plantation and appear lost in each other amidst the verdant surrounds

Made for each other: This couple swing their matching dreadlocks in their engagement snap

Puppy love: A couple get licked by their pet pooch in this beautiful rural scene 

A winter whirl in the great outdoors: This couple chose a snow-dusted mountainscape for their treasured snaps

Carrie said: ‘Aside from the technical aspects of creating a good photo, the photos that I always connect to best in this contest are the images that showcase passion, joy, and just the overall excitement of being engaged to your partner.

‘Nearly 6,000 images were submitted to this year’s engagement contest, which is actually the biggest number we’ve ever received for our engagement contest.

‘Our judging process involves first anonymizing all of the entries.

‘Then, our guest judges along with the Junebug Weddings team assign points to the images.

‘The final collection is comprised of the images that received the most points from the judges as well as the images that the Junebug team feel add diversity and good representation to the collection.’

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