Zayn Malik: Why He Desperately Wants Gigi Hadid In His Life Again — Even If It’s Just A Friendship

Zayn Malik feels like ex Gigi Hadid is the only one who really knows him and he misses her so much that he hopes they can get back into each other’s lives again soon. Get the EXCLUSIVE details here.

Zayn Malik, 25, is hoping things aren’t completely over for him and ex Gigi Hadid, 23, and he’s working on a way for them to get back into each other’s lives even if it’s just as friends. The “Pillow Talk” singer feels like Gigi was the only one who really understood his deepest feelings and he’s missing her support. “For Zayn, even if its friendship he still wants Gigi in his life because she is the only one that really knows him and can deal with his quirks,” a source close to Zayn EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He really trusts her and can really tell her anything and he confides in her a lot of his worry. She makes him feel so much better and if that leads to them having a romantic relationship again or just being great friends he really is interested in that happening because she is such a strong support for what he goes through day to day.”

Zayn and Gigi officially broke things off last month and even announced the split on their social media accounts but it looks like things may not be over for good. The former One Direction member was seen entering Gigi’s NYC apartment on Apr. 18 and not leaving until the next morning in the same clothes. While it could have been a friendly gesture or just a final farewell, it’s definitely caused speculation that these two are on the brink of rekindling their flame!

If things do heat up between the former couple again, Zayn may want to watch out for Gigi’s little sis Bella Hadid, 21. Bella reportedly doesn’t want Gigi to get back with Zayn because she’s aware of their rocky past and worries that Gigi will get hurt again. That’s completely understandable considering how much she cares for Gigi but sometimes there’s only so much a family member can do and with the way things have gone in the past, we wouldn’t put it past Zayn to succeed in winning back Gigi’s heart. It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here but we’re definitely eager to find out!

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