Aaron Chalmers says being a dad will ‘give me the kick up the a*** I need’ as he plans four fights in 2020 – The Sun

I MAKE my MMA return at Bellator Dublin against American Austin Clem in February.

Since my last win against Fred Freeman last June, I’ve been filming but still training at the same time.

I’ve been working solid in the gym, especially in wrestling as it’s something I want to work on.

But now we’re in full camp so everyday is grinding.

One thing I found out in camp is that I'm going to be a dad.

I feel the birth of my child will give me a second wind.

When I’m fighting I’m doing it for myself, now I’m providing for my son.

It will give me the kick up the a*** I need. Where I could fight once or twice a year now I want three or four.

The baby is due in April, so I want to get two fights in back-to-back, have a little rest, let the baby settle in and then work to September and December bouts.

I want to have Christmas off because the last two I’ve been in training camp.

But it’s just one of those things you have to deal with. I’ve done it before I’ve worked away over Christmas for three weeks many times, you can’t complain.

This year I want to aim to fight in early December and have Christmas off. But you have to see how it goes.


Fighting in America has become a dream and goal of mine – and with the baby due it won't change that.

Mr missus is a really good mother, so fighting in the States won’t be affected when the baby arrives.

Being away for one or two weeks wouldn't affect the baby in anyway, shape or form.

If a fight comes up in the US we’ll take it with both hands. I’ve asked for it, if a big one at Madison Square Garden comes up I’ll be hounding them.

But I’m still learning in my career, I’m only six fights in.


I worked as a commentator for Fame MMA – and I really enjoyed the whole show.

From the beginning it was billed as celebrity fighting and it was a good event. I liked how they stood the fighters on the stage beforehand.

There were some good fights on, but you could tell some took it a lot more seriously than others.

Both my friends from Geordie Shore, Sam Gowland and Marty McKenna headlined the event.

They didn’t like each other and what better way than sorting it out than having a good old scrap – it just so happened it was in front of a few thousand people.

Both of them did very well, but Sam has spoken to us about doing MMA before and I was the one that got Sam to my gym.

There’s a lot of jealous people. I’m not one of those people that would say ‘Well I’ve done MMA first so Sam shouldn’t’.

F*** that. What Sam does in MMA doesn’t affect what I do in MMA. He’s on his path I’m on mine in Bellator.

He’s decided to take this path, it’s a hard sport and he’s taken it with both hands by fighting on Fame. He’s in my gym so good luck to him.


Conor McGregor is back, and it’s brilliant for everyone in MMA, especially the fans.

I’ll probably be on the sofa, have a nap and set an alarm to watch it.

I can never record it and watch it the next day – I always mess up by waking up, checking my phone and the first f***ing message always gives away the result.

I’ll set an alarm and wake up for it. I just love watching McGregor, from his press conferences, training and fights.

I think the Cowboy Cerrone fight is a really good one. Apparently he’s been putting in some serious work in the gym so I would like to see a good performance from him.

If he gets through Cowboy I’m really interested to see what’s next for McGregor.

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