This is a brutal, abrupt end for an MMA legend

Former lightweight champion Vitor Belfort announced his retirement Saturday after losing to former champion Lyota Machida at UFC 224.

Belfort was knocked out by Machida in the second round of their middleweight fight, the opening of the event’s main card at Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro. Machida delivered a rear kick to Belfort’s face and did not continue with punches after seeing his opponent was out, ESPN reported.

The 41-year-old Brazilian legend then took off his gloves and placed them in the Octagon, signaling that he was retiring.

“Everything in life has beginning, middle and end,” Belfort said. “I will stop fighting here because I think I reached the end. Thanks for your love.”

Machida, 39, said after the fight that he didn’t train his front kick as much.

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“But when you are well-trained and well-prepared, you can see the fight more clearly and be able to do things that you did not even train,” Machida told USA Today. “I know it was a lot like the kick I got in Randy Couture when he retired, with the difference that his was right and that was left, so maybe it is the history repeating itself.”

Belfort and Machida are two of the most accomplished fighters from Brazil in MMA. Belfort ended his career with a 26-15 MMA record.

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