Daniel Bryan teases dream match with WWE legend at Greatest Royal Rumble

If anyone had any doubts that Daniel Bryan would be taking it a bit easier after returning from injury, they need not worry.

Lasting 76 minutes and 10 seconds in the Royal Rumble match, he smashed Rey Mysterio’s 2006 record and proved that he has not missed a beat despite missing two years through injury.

Not only did he break records but he also teased a dream match with Kurt Angle when the two came to blows in the middle of the ring. Twitter exploded at the idea these two might finally wrestle each other.

It was a night which re-affirmed to wrestling fans that Bryan is back and just as good as he ever was, regardless of not winning the match he left with his stock a lot higher.

Entering the Royal Rumble at number one, it became clear he was going to be in it for the long haul, dishing out signature kicks and submission holds. A nice exchange between him and Drew Gulak, a fine wrestler himself, was a throwback to their time on the indies together.

The entrance of Kurt Angle had fans ready to see them square off, but they were made to wait as they cleared house around them. When the moment came, it was worth waiting for.

With both suffering career threatening injuries and personal problems, wrestling fans had always thought they were destined to miss each other. It was a moment years in the making, as two of the best technical wrestlers of any era stood facing each other.

By the time Bryan moved to the WWE, Kurt was plying his trade in TNA. When Angle returned Bryan had retired through medical reasons, and so many just put it down as one of them "what if?" matches.

When they tied up there was a certain magic about it. Angle tried suplexing Bryan who landed on his feet and started dishing out Yes! Kicks. Kurt picked the ankle and applied the Angle Lock before it was broken up.

It was fleeting but it was enough to leave fans wanting more. With both in active competition, but Kurt nursing a body that is beginning to show signs of age, they might have to pull the trigger on this match sooner rather than later.

Bryan outlasted Kurt and 45 other superstars in Saudi Arabia, making it down to the final three, by the time he got there his chest was a mess.

If the superstars were told to be extra careful with Bryan’s head and neck they took it out on his chest, chopping him repeatedly as his torso turned a violent shade of red. It looked more like he had been on the receiving end of a bear attack than a wrestling match.

Ultimately it wasn’t to be, eliminated by Big Cass (his opponent at BackLash) but in this case the win was not the be all and end all.

He proved that he is still capable of going the distance, and will have his name in the record books as the longest time spent in a single WWE match.

The match belonged to Braun Strowman but the night belonged to Daniel Bryan.

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