How Magic Johnson, LaVar Ball and others reacted to Lakers’ blockbuster Anthony Davis trade

The New Orleans Pelicans agreed to trade superstar Anthony Davis to the Los AngelesLakers on Saturday — a massive trade that will send three players, including Lonzo Ball, and three first-round draft picks back to the Pelicans.

The deal had ripple effects throughout the NBA — and, of course, throughout social media.

Here's how some of the notable parties reacted to the news, from former Lakers president Magic Johnson to Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart, who are among the players who were shipped to New Orleans as part of the deal.

Magic Johnson

Johnson spoke publicly about his efforts to acquire Davis at the trade deadline, before the Hall of Fame point guard abruptly resigned as team president of the Lakers.

He celebrated the deal with a string of tweets Saturday night.

"Great job by Owner Jeanie Buss bringing Anthony Davis to the Lakers!" Johnson wrote on Twitter. "Laker Nation, the Lakers are back in a championship hunt! Congratulations to the entire organization. I know LeBron James has a big smile on his face. I’m loving this!!

"Laker Nation, you wanted the great Jeanie Buss to step up and bring a championship team back to LA and she’s doing just that!"

Johnson also noted that the Lakers "still have over $30 million of cap space to spend on free agents starting June 30th." And he (eventually) got around to doling out some kudos to Rob Pelinka, the agent-turned-GM whom Johnson had accused of badmouthing him behind his back.

"Great trade Rob Pelinka!" Johnson wrote in his fourth tweet on the subject. "Job well done."

LaVar Ball

The Los Angeles Times reported that LaVar Ball, the outspoken father of Lonzo Ball, was watching one of his other sons, LaMelo, play in a Drew League game Saturday night when the trade was announced over the PA system.

The newspaper added that Lonzo Ball later arrived at the game to cheer on his younger brother.

In an interview with Fox Sports 1 earlier this month, LaVar Ball was asked about the possibility that his oldest son could be traded to New Orleans in a package that included Davis. LaVar Ball said, "Lonzo ain't going nowhere" while adding that he believed the point guard would succeed with the Pelicans, alongside projected No. 1 overall pick Zion Williamson.

"Lonzo adapts to everything. Whoever's his teammate, he's going to make them good," LaVar Ball told the network. "So I'm not going to be like, 'Oh, that wouldn't work with him and Zion.' Lonzo works with everybody. You've just got to give him a chance and let him do his thing."

LeBron James

James hadn't posted on social media about the trade as of early Saturday night, but if his past comments are any indication, he is probably ecstatic about the deal.

In December, before Davis even requested a trade, James was asked by ESPN about the hypothetical possibility of one day playing with Davis in Los Angeles.

"That would be amazing," he told the network. "That would be amazing, like, duh. That would be incredible."

Josh Hart and Brandon Ingram

Hart and Ingram, the two players heading to New Orleans along with Lonzo Ball, did not seem particularly upset about the news. They reacted on Instagram with the same facial expression. Ingram posted an emoji of a smiley face, while Hart posted a selfie of himself smiling. 

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