Jason Witten Thinks Dez Bryant Will Sign With The Green Bay Packers

Witten has predicted that his former teammate, Dez Bryant, will sign with the Packers.

Jason Witten has been a teammate of Dez Bryant’s throughout the wide receiver’s entire career. He has been a part of a potent offense for the Dallas Cowboys, but chose to walk away from the NFL for a career in the broadcasting booth. Witten will now take over the Monday Night Football role that was occupied by Jon Gruden.

Now, he is already transitioning into his new role as a media personality. He decided to make a prediction on where he thinks Bryant will end up playing the 2018 NFL season.

Witten went on The Adam Schefter podcast on Monday and predicted that Bryant will sign with the Green Bay Packers.

“I think he’s going to end up going to the Green Bay Packers. I think that’s a great spot for him. Aaron Rodgers, he throws that back-shoulder throw so well, and Dez (can have) great chemistry with a good quarterback that can put the ball where ever he wants.”

He went on to talk about how Bryant is a good football player that will get things back on track in 2018.

“I think Dez is certainly going to have some great opportunities. He’s motivated. Dez is a smart football player and so he understands how important the quarterback position is. I still think Dez can still highpoint the football as good as any other wide receiver in the National Football League. You partner him up with Jimmy Graham and Aaron Rodgers, and I think that offense can put up a lot of points. … I think it’s a win-win for the Packers.”

It is another piece of information connecting the Packers and Bryant. They have been talked about as one of the top potential landing spots for Bryant since he was released. Green Bay could use another receiver after releasing longtime star Jordy Nelson earlier this offseason.

Last season with the Cowboys, Bryant ended up catching 69 passes for 838 yards and six touchdowns. He has been called “washed up” since being released by the Cowboys, but those numbers don’t look washed up. Bryant would simply add another talented receiver to a group that already includes Davante Adams and Randall Cobb.

Jimmy Graham was also signed by the Packers this offseason. He and Aaron Rodgers have talked about playing before and are expected to become a dominant duo this season.

At 29 years of age, Bryant would be a wise investment for the Packers. Green Bay did bring in three rookie wide receivers in the 2018 NFL Draft, but none of them are a sure thing. Bryant would be able to come in immediately and make a major impact.

Expect to see Bryant find a deal at some point in the near future. Teams are going to begin scouring the free agent market again ahead of training camp and it wouldn’t be shocking to see the Packers reach out to him.

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