Kane hits out at WWE fans for slamming The Undertaker vs Goldberg match

Kane has hit out at WWE fans who criticised The Undertaker’s botched match against Goldberg at SuperShowdown.

The two wrestling icons faced each other in the ring for the first time at the PPV event in Saudi Arabia earlier this month.

But the match did not go according to plan after Goldberg suffered a suspected concussion after running head first into the ring post.

Goldberg botched his own Jackhammer finisher, while The Undertaker also made a mistake with his tombstone piledriver as the top of Goldberg’s head hit the canvas.

The match was given a poor reception by fans on social media but Kane, who teamed up with The Undertaker at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia last November, believes the two veterans would agree to a rematch.

‘I think often people are way too critical and should just enjoy the moment,’ Kane said during an interview with Busted Open Radio.

‘That’s been my thoughts a long time and unfortunately it’s created social media and our connectivity on the internet is nowadays, there’s so much negativity and that really turns me off.

‘I’m like, ‘Gosh guys, if I want to go get yelled at I can go do that anywhere.’ But why would I want to go online and say all this stuff?

‘Bill [Goldberg] knocked himself out at some point during the match, and you could see that he was just struggling to make it through the rest of the match.

‘So you kind of have to take that into account. They went out there and did the best they could under those circumstances.

‘That’s what Undertaker always does, of course. So it’s just one of those things.

‘I think if you were to ask Bill and Taker would they like to do it over again… [they would say] yeah. But it is what it is and instead of people being critical about it, people can say, ‘Wow, I never thought I’d see that match happen but I did.”

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