London Marathon 2018: Mo Farah rages at officials after losing drinks bottle during race

The Brit begged officials to get him a new beverage and was left visibly annoyed when they did not help.

It has been billed as London's hottest ever Marathon and many noticed Farah was in danger of losing his cool.

BBC commentator Steve Cram claimed Farah risked losing focus and threatening his bid.

While Paula Radcliffe added: "Farah needs to not panic and not let it get to him.

"If he takes another type of fluid he will be OK even it's not his drink that he will have trained with.

"It’s more important not to lose rhythm. He is just going to have to take on board what he can and settle back into the race.

"He's using adrenaline that he doesn't want to be using.

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"He is also showing the other guys in the pack that he has a problem and he doesn't want to be doing that."

Farah eventually picked up a new bottle as he stayed just behind the lead group, who were running at world-record pace 45 minutes in.


But he fell off the leaders after another drink-stop blunder.

The Olympic champ dropped his bottle at a feed station and decided to turn around and refuel instead of continuing.

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