Shambolic F1 anti-racism stand as Hamilton takes knee but some drivers late and Giovinazzi forgets 'end racism' t-shirt

FORMULA ONE'S attempts to show a united stand against racism continue to falter after a shambolic display prior to the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The drivers were supposed to come together prior to the playing of the national anthem in a stand against racism.

But while Lewis Hamilton and some other drivers took a knee, others still hadn't shown up.

Drivers quickly ran to their pre-planned position during the display.

Things got even more embarrassing when Italian driver Antonio Giovinazzi forgot to wear his 'END RACISM' t-shirt.

It saw a member of the support staff quickly throw it to him so he could put it on.

To add to the mess, Mercedes driver Valterri Bottas forgot to wear his face covering during the whole debacle, despite it being a strict rule within the paddock.

Fans watching the mess unfold were stunned at the lack of organisation.

And they quickly took to Twitter to point out the farcical scenes.

One said: "It looks like a right shambles at the moment."

Another added that the whole thing "just looks ridiculous."

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Hamilton – who wore a Black Lives Matter t-shirt – has been highly vocal on wanting to highlight the problems of racism within F1 and wider society.

After his victori in the Styrian Grand Prix, he raised his fist aloft on the podium in a Black Power salute.

The British world champion has spent much time speaking with his fellow drivers, determined that they show a united front.

Some drivers opted not to take a knee at the first race of the season in Austria, with varying reasons for their decision not to.

That mixture of drivers taking a knee or standing continued before today's race.

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