Sick Juventus fans send death threats to Simeone and baby daughter after Atletico loss

Simeone apologised for his actions following Tuesday's 2-0 win against Italian champions Juve in their Champions League last-16 first leg.

But keyboard warriors of the Serie A side targeted him and his family online, wishing death on his daughter Valentina, who was born last week.

The trolls sought out an image of Simeone, dressed in scrubs, holding the newborn and sickeningly wished cancer upon the child.

Other Juventus fans flocked to the page and apologised on behalf of the club and condemned the words.

Simeone had even insisted his celebration was not to provoke the travelling fans.

He said: "It's not a nice gesture, I admit, but I felt the need to do it," he said.

"I did it as a player at Lazio and I did it again to show our fans that we have cojones. I can only apologise if anyone was offended.

"It wasn't aimed at the other team, I was turning towards our own supporters."

Simeone is still expected to be fined by Uefa for his actions.

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