Superhero spotted at Chelsea against Huddersfield as Sky's scoreline graphic makes fan looks like Zorro

Viewers were left in stitches when Sky's scoreline graphic for Chelsea's clash with Huddersfield last night made a fan at Stamford Bridge look like he had Zorro's mask on.

People watching the clash flocked to Twitter when they noticed the hilarious placement of the 0-0 scoreline.

Chelsea were desperate for a win to keep their Champions League hopes alive while Huddersfield needed a point to ensure Premier League survival.

So when the camera panned to the supporters tensions understandably looked high.

But nobody could take one fan seriously when the 0-0 graphic made him look like he had a set of superpowers – or had just seen a ghost.

People were quick to grab screenshots and crack jokes on social media.

One started with: "There's a superhero at Stamford Bridge."

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Others quipped that his superhero name should be "Clean-Sheet man" or "The Mask of Zero".

A supporter also joked: "Eden Hazard when he spots a Real Madrid scout."

One fan claimed that it was the Hamburglar from McDonald's.

It was Huddersfield supporters who were delirious at full-time after seeing their side claim a priceless point in their 1-1 draw.

They survived a second-half barrage of attacks by the home side to secure their survival and end hopes of Chelsea's top four quest.

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