Tim Tebow’s surprise ‘F’ bomb a reminder of what Florida misses

As Tim Tebow whiles away in his new life as a Mets prospect, those from his old life as a Heisman Trophy winner and national champion still remember his impact.

During Florida’s national title run in 2008, the Gators were hosting LSU, and 90,000 fans were packed into the stadium. The energy of the moment brought out a rarely seen side of the famously straight-laced Tebow.

“We’re on the bus, getting ready to get off the bus, and the Gator Walk is out of control – the bus was rocking,” current Florida coach Dan Mullen, who was offensive coordinator on that team, said Thursday during a fan event. “Tebow gets up on the bus, drops an ‘F’ bomb in front of the team.

“He will deny it until he dies, but I’m telling you what – I think we won by 40-something that night. The game was over before it started.”

The image of someone like the squeaky-clean Tebow swearing in front of a riveted crowd and pumped team may seem ridiculous now, but Mullen hopes such scenes are commonplace as he takes over head-coaching duties at the school after eight years leading Mississippi State.

During that time at Florida – with Tebow leading on the field and head coach Urban Meyer calling the plays – attendance at Gators games never dipped below 90,000. Since Meyer left after 2010, the average attendance has been below 90,000 every year but 2015.

“If we get The Swamp back to where we need it, where it is the most electric place in all of college football, it is a wild, intimidating stadium,” Mullen said. “You know what that’s going to do for our players? They’re going to play at a whole [other] level. … Raise their level of play, and then we’ll start winning.”

If all else fails, he can always call up Tebow, currently hitting .241 for Double-A Binghamton, and see if the Gator favorite is available for a little motivational speech – as long as the fans don’t mind a little vulgarity.

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