Titus O’Neil gives fans one of the greatest moments in WWE history

Titus O’Neil unintentionally gave fans one of the greatest moments in WWE history as he made his way down to the ring at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Running down the ramp he tripped over and ended up sliding under the ring in a truly hilarious gaffe that was replayed over and over.

The commentators couldn’t handle the moment and ended up laughing audibly, with Michael Cole declaring it the greatest moment in the history of the Royal Rumble.

Titus was visibly annoyed as he came out from under the ring, with the world laughing at his misfortune.

With the incident shown on a loop, Cole said it was better than Steve Austin’s three wins, and Rey Mysterio lasting over and hour from number one the year he went the distance.

It’s not the first time O’Neil has embarrassed himself in the WWE.

He was suspended for grabbing Vince McMahon’s arm after Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech – and Vince had to be convinced not to sack him on the spot.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter exploded when the gaffe made air, with people saying he will be ridiculed for the rest of time.

Planned or not, it will be a moment that endures the test of time and could even prove to be a benefit to his career – there’s no way anyone will forget this in a hurry.

Was Titus O’Neil’s fall the greatest moment in Royal Rumble history?


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