Tony Bellew warns boxing chiefs to crack down on drug cheats or risk death in the ring

Mexican middleweight hero Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez copped just a six-month ban and no fine for TWO failed tests in the build-up to his now-cancelled May 5 rematch with Gennady Golovkin.

Canelo had a minor surgery to coincide with his punishment — and could walk back into another big fight as early as September.

Liverpool heavyweight Bellew says boxing bosses will only take serious measures once a fighter has been KILLED by a doping cheat.

‘Bomber’ fights fellow Brit David Haye on May 5 at London’s O2.

And Bellew said: “If Canelo has taken drugs, then ban him.

“But it genuinely won’t change until — and I am sorry to say this — someone dies at the hands of someone on steroids, because then it is premeditated murder.

“When that happens, you will see the sport change — but until that defining moment you will not.

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“Six months and he’s had surgery, what’s the point?

“Plus no fine — are you f****** messing me about?

“When someone dies, touch wood it isn’t me, then they will start banning people for life and that will send a message.

“It will take someone losing their life — people understand that is more important than money.

“If someone dies at the hands of a drug cheat it will change — but why does that have to happen?”

Bellew, 35, has consistently spoken out on doping — and reckons he may have been targeted by testers because of it.

He added: “I cannot say that Canelo is a cheat until the doping organisations say so, we still need clarification.

“I should not say anything really, because when I do, they turn up at my house the next morning.

“They did last time and they will probably do it again.

“As soon as I did an interview they were round at 5am and my missus was shouting out the window, telling them they had the wrong address.”

The former cruiserweight world champion and MMA fan has opened talks with the UFC over a fight with Brit Michael Bisping.

‘The Count’, 39, wants to bring the curtain down on his career with a final UK showdown.

And Bellew — who stopped Haye in the 11th round in March last year after Haye picked up an Achilles injury — says he will enter the cage to take on Bisping.

Bellew added: “I spoke to the UFC last week, if Michael Bisping wants to dance then I’m game.

“I would go into the cage — it would not be legally fair if one of them got in a ring with me.

“If Bisping got in a boxing ring with me it would last 40 seconds — because I would be p****** myself laughing for 35 of them. I would sleep him really quickly.”

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