Tyson Fury calls in lawyers on BBC to get him taken off Sports Personality of the Year list after 'asking nicely'

TYSON FURY is taking legal action to get himself removed from BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year shortlist.

The boxing star destroyed Deontay Wilder back in February to claim the WBC heavyweight title after his much-publicised fight with depression.

That stunning display led to the 32-year-old being named as one of the nominees for the award – which will be decided on December 20.

But the father of five has no interest in landing the showbiz gong and asked to be removed from the voting list – declaring being the ‘People’s Champion’ is enough for him.

During an appearance on Good Morning Britain earlier, Fury explained that BBC had still not granted his ‘polite’ request to be removed.

Now he has instructed his lawyers to get to work to ensure it happens.

Fury, who also told Anthony Joshua to ‘grow a pair and sign the contract’ for their unification showdown, said: “I’ve asked nicely to be taken off the list and they’ve decided they weren’t going to take me off the list.

“So I’ve had my lawyer send them a letter demanding that I be taken off the list so let’s hope they listen and get me off that list.”

He added: “I don’t need any awards from any TV stations or organisations for me to know who I am.

“I know who I am, know what I’ve done, and I don’t need a big pat on the back and don’t need a glass trophy.

“No disrespect to anyone who wants it, but I see everyone clamouring to get on that list and I’m clamouring to get off it.

“I don’t need gratification from anybody.

“I’m the People’s Champion and the love of the people is worth more to me than everything and I don’t need an award to be celebrated in that way.”

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