WATCH: Asuka runs wild with kendo stick attack on Flair and Lynch

Charlotte Flair must have thought it was a pretty solid strategy when she reached under the ring for a trusty kendo stick during her match with Asuka on this week’s SmackDown.

After all, it was a kendo stick – the increased proliferation of which leads one to speculate about whether or not The Sandman has started booking WWE’s women’s division – which helped her lay out Ronda Rousey.

On that occasion, as on this, it was a strike with said martial arts weapon which led to her being disqualified but also to a post-match attack which saw The Queen dispense a unique form of regal punishment and, as the expression goes, “stand tall”.

The similarities, however, ended there on Tuesday night. First Becky Lynch got involved, taking a few swipes with the stick herself for her trouble.

But then Asuka herself got hold of the kendo stick, and the story of what happened next can be read in the bruises and welts on Flair and Lynch as clearly and meaningfully as the tonsil-shredding lupine scream the Japanese star emitted into the Las Vegas night after completing her assault.

The three go head-to-head-to-head in a triple threat match at TLC where Lynch’s title will be on the line and tables, ladders and chairs will all be legal weapons. The potential for carnage is huge.

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