World Cup 2018: Fans left seething as Optus issues 'ruin' viewing experience

Optus' live stream for the World Cup suffered from technical issues.

Optus’ live stream for the World Cup suffered from technical issues.

Australian football fans were left fuming on Friday night as Optus failed to deliver a stable live video stream of the World Cup match between Uruguay and Egypt.

Optus has the exclusive rights to air the majority of World Cup games in Australia, requiring anyone who wants to watch them, even if they are on another telco, to sign up to its Optus Sport app, which costs $14.99 per month.

The only other way to watch matches in Australia is via SBS, although the broadcaster is only airing select matches.

Hundreds of customers took to social media to vent that they were unable to watch the stream on Friday night without it buffering to the point where it was unwatchable for many.

"What a mess," wrote Sydneysider Toby Hook on Twittter.

"World Cup Stream freezes after 10 secs, any fix? Missed the whole first half."

"Oh my god Optus' World Cup coverage is terrible," Ben Crawford wrote.

"Is anyone elses Optus sport app buggering up?" Juddy Brown queried. "I am trying to watch the World Cup and it keeps dying."

In a short statement on the Optus Sport Facebook page, Optus apologised to customers, saying that instead of using the app, they should visit its website to watch further matches.

The website appeared to be available to anyone without a log-in, meaning even those who hadn't paid for the stream could watch it, which is likely to infuriate paying customers further.

A later match streamed on Optus' website between Iran and Morocco appeared to function properly.

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