WWE News: Former Universal Champion Reveals He Has Signed A New Five-Year Deal With WWE

He’s one of the most popular names on the entire WWE roster and he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

When he made his debut in NXT, fans were thrilled to see Kevin Steen arrive and bring his vicious and brutal talent to the company. Soon, they learned that he would be renamed “Kevin Owens” and he ran wild through the brand while having incredible matches with just about everyone on the roster. Finally, he made his debut on WWE’s main roster and he’s been very successful, but it looks like his new deal is going to have fans seeing a lot more of him for years to come.

Kevin Owens captured the NXT Championship one time and he’s already been a six-time champion since hitting the main roster of WWE. He has been the United States Champion three times, the Intercontinental Champion twice, and is a one-time Universal Champion, but that’s only the beginning.

Currently, he’s not in the title picture, but he’s involved in a great storyline where he has an on-again/off-again friendship with Sami Zayn. It’s one of the most intriguing storylines in all of WWE, and it keeps better every single week on Monday Night Raw.

Owens recently spoke with TVA Sports in Canada about a number of topics, and Wrestling Inc. brought forth the highlights, but one truly stands out and it’s that he has recently signed a new long-term deal with WWE.

TVA Sports wasted no time in getting right to the point and they asked Kevin Owens about the new deal he signed which he was proud to do.

“Hopefully I do not see why I will not finish my career with WWE. I just recently signed a new five-year contract with them. I do not intend to go anywhere when my contract ends. If the WWE wants to continue, if I want to continue and my family is ready for me to continue, I do not see why it would not happen.

“If [my career] ends tomorrow, I would be very satisfied with the career I had as a professional wrestler.”

Owens is 34-years-old and still has a lot of years left in him for the wrestling business if he can stay healthy, but that’s something he has done through the majority of his career.

Recently, he was brought back to Monday Night Raw with Sami Zayn during the Superstar Shake-Up, and he’s thrilled about it. He said he “never felt at home” on SmackDown Live and he feels as if he now has his “sense of belonging” back.

Kevin Owens has already had an incredible career in the wrestling ring, but it is far from over and there is so much more to come from him. Signing a new five-year deal to stay with WWE is something that proves he is flat-out happy with being in the company and has no desire to go anywhere else. The way it’s going, it certainly does seem as if Owens is going to be a WWE guy until it’s time for him to hang up his boots.

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