The 8 Most Awkward Photos Of Donald & Melania Trump Attempting To Show Public Affection

If there’s one constant in the Trump presidency, it’s that Donald and Melania will always share awkward PDA. See the most cringeworthy moments between the couple here!

Nobody will ever know if President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are actually in love, but people will continue to speculate about their relationship status. And how could they not, considering the insane amount of cringeworthy moments these two produce? When Melania’s not visibly refusing to let her husband hold her hand, she seems like she’s grinning and bearing it for some super awkward (maybe forced) PDA. We have plenty of examples of their painful PDA in our gallery above. See every wince-worthy moment, from White House functions, to photo ops, to his inauguration!

Let’s talk about a few of our favorite examples, though. The internet could not stop watching when a zoomed-in video revealed Donald attempting with all his might to hold his wife’s hand during a photo op. Zoom in. Zoom out. Zoom in…it gets funnier every time. While posing with Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, the president and first lady of France, Trump could be seen trying to wedge his fingers between Melania’s, but she refused to unclench her first. Eventually, she relented, and they stiffly held hands. Yikes!

And let’s talk about what they looked like at his inauguration. It was so rife with awkward moments that it made our heads spin. Their first dance at the Governor’s Ball following the inaugural ceremonies really stood out, though. When the Obamas (or really, any other first couple) had their first dance, it was emotional and beautiful. They looked so in love, and so in awe of each other. Donald and Melania kind of looked like they were saving room for Jesus during a school dance in the gym. The body language was so awful. Melania’s face looked pained, and Donald was trying to kiss her, and missing, at one point. Too much to handle! See pics of these moments and more in the gallery above!

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