Amazon sends customer NINE boxes when her shop would fit into one

Amazon sends customer nine items in NINE separate boxes when they could have all easily fitted into one

  • Stunned Liu Xi found a tower of boxes blocking her door in Henham, Essex 
  • Branded the excessive packaging ‘completely outrageous’ on social media 
  • Shared a picture showing how much empty space was in each one of the boxes 

Amazon send a customer nine items in nine separate boxes when they could easily have fitted into one. 

Bizarre pictures show the buyer’s front door blocked by a tower of boxes in Henham, Essex.  

Liu Xi ordered nine rolls of frosted window film from the online retailer. The 37-year-old was astonished to discover that each roll had been placed diagonally inside its own substantial cardboard box.

Pictured: The nine Amazon boxes stacked outside the Essex home despite the contents of each being able to fit easily into one 

She was able to get all nine rolls inside one cardboard box with room to spare for at least as many again.

She complained to the retailer: ‘Bought nine rolls of window films from and this is what arrived. What a waste of paper.’

The images show all nine boxes stacked on top of each other outside her door. Another photo shows one item in the box, to emphasise the space that was left around the box.

Liu Xi (pictured, left) branded the excessive packaging an ‘outrage’ and demonstrated that one box was plenty (right) 

Melva Pakpahan responded online: ‘Bad for our environment!’ Nimmi Paul added: ‘That’s truly bad and crime.’

Victoria Farrall wrote: ‘That is horrific! You should really complain as just isn’t helping anyone anywhere. They could all fit into one box!’

Liu today said she was horrified to find they had all arrived in separate boxes. She said: ‘It’s completely outrageous. They could have placed all nine window films into one box instead of one box for each. 

‘Surely Amazon can do better to reduce their wrapping wastage and be more environmentally friendly.

This is how much excess space was left around each item in every single one of the boxes 

‘No I don’t expect them to contact me. They have always been packing things like this, with large boxes and tiny products, but this is extreme.

‘I just don’t understand why they do not pack everything into one box. If Amazon could change the way they pack the goods, then I’m doing something meaningful.’


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