April Fools Day pranks: Netflix acquires Seth Rogen, and more

If anyone’s good for a joke, it’s Seth Rogen. So he’s the perfect star for Netflix’s April Fools’ Day gag … and for anything else Netflix wants, from now until his “mysterious and untimely death.”

The streaming service’s latest prank is one of many floating around the internet this April 1, and big names like Rogen and Lin-Manuel Miranda are playing along. See below for some of the best jokes April Fools’ this year.

Netflix acquires Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen’s new special Hilarity for Charity has been acquired by Netflix, but that’s not all the company got. In a press release, senior Netflix development executive Jareth Chumley said, “I have known Seth for many years. After a wrap party in late 2017, Seth approached me and said something like ‘Jesus F—ing Christ Jarbear, I would sell my soul for a f—in’ enchilada right now.’ And so basically that was how the idea was born. In the end we settled on a price a little higher than a standard Chili’s To-Go entree, but I’ll be damned, not by that much.”

The purported contract gives Netflix “the ability to frame [Seth] for murder, and the rights to film a docuseries about that murder and biopic starring John Goodman.” See the video above.

Redbox walk-up theaters

Redbox, the DVD rental service, announced it will now stream films directly from its touchscreen kiosks. You can visit the company’s website and input your ZIP code to find the nearest “walk-up movie theater” location.

The Room: The Broadway Musical

TheaterMania reported a The Room Broadway musical in the works from Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. The cast list includes Mark Rylance as Johnny and Justin Guarini as Mark. The report — humorously “confirmed” by Miranda on Twitter — also features a song list including “I Just Like to Watch: Two Is Great But Three Is a Crowd,” sung by Denny, Johnny, and Lisa, and “Whatever Happened to My Cancer,” sung by Claudette.

Jim Jarmusch in 3-D

The Criterion Collection announced a special re-release of Jim Jarmusch’s Stranger Than Paradise “in the form the filmmaker originally intended.”

“When we originally filmed the movie,” said Jarmusch, “we tried duct-taping two Bolex cameras together, but at the time we just weren’t able to combine the two images correctly for 3D…until now!”

Watch a trailer for the 3-D version of Stranger Than Paradise above.

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