BBC Weather: Britons braced for heatwave as England hotter than Barcelona this weekend

BBC Weather said Britons will be able to “cast their jacket aside” following a chilling start of the day on Thursday as fog and mist give way to blue skies for most of the UK. BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor predicted a cloud covering Central and Northern Scotland will slowly clear up during the day while East Anglia and the far southwest will at times see a break in the sunny spell. Mr Taylor said: “A beautiful and sunny start for the majority this morning but it’s chilly once again.

“Temperatures as low as 2C or 3C in a few spots of the country – certainly many areas down in mid to single figures so it’s one of those days. Warm jackets to work and then you can cast it aside by mid-morning.

“Blue skies overhead for most, misty and fog clearing. Bit more cloud in central, northern Scotland at the moment, much of that across the mainland will break up, sunny spells coming through.

“A little bit more cloud at times towards East Anglia and the far southeast but even here still some good sunny spells to be had. Temperatures for many of you actually up a degree or so of what we’ve seen over the past few days.”

The BBC Weather meteorologist continued: “Chilly admittedly in Shetland but most around 17C to 22C. This evening and overnight it will turn cooler once again.

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“With high-pressure right over us, light winds across the UK – you’ll just notice some fog patches forming but particularly in the north, and the Midlands, northwards into southern Scotland, some of those pretty dense for the Friday morning commute and a fresh commute at that with temperatures again away from city centres down in single figures.

“But another lovely, crisp Autumn day to come. There will be a bit more cloud drifting northwards into southern England and Wales along with some long, sunny spells.”

Mr Taylor also said the weather forecast is to further improve temperature-wise on Friday thanks to warmer air being pushed toward the UK from the continent. 

He added: “More sunshine in Northern Scotland. The northeast will see the highest temperatures tomorrow across Aberdeenshire, 24C possible.

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“More of these temperatures moving close to that. That’s due to warmer air being pushed up from France and the western Mediterranean.”

But forecasters have warned the warmer stint will be swift as the area of high-pressure ruling over the country at the moment is to move on to usher in an area of low pressure bringing in heavy rainfall. forecaster Jo Farrow said: “High-pressure has settled across the UK, it’s bringing a lot of fine settled weather.

“And as the winds switch around to the south it is going to bring with it some warmer air.


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“So lifting the temperatures through Thursday and Friday up around the 20C mark.

“But as we go into the weekend then things begin to shift, high-pressure nudges its way eastwards towards Denmark and that’s going to allow an area of low-pressure head towards the west.”

Ms Farrow added: “But it takes its time, so on Saturday between the two we are going to have brisk winds coming up from the south that is going to lift temperatures even higher.

“So we could across parts of England and Wales see the low to mid 20C, perhaps around 20C for parts of Scotland and the high-teens for Northern Ireland.

“It will be blustery there will be plenty of sunshine and also it looks like it should start the day dry.“

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