BBC Weather forecast: UK bracing for heavy rain to sweep the country in weekend washout

BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor said the south of the UK will experience a relatively warm and clear start on Wednesday. Meanwhile, he claimed the north of the country, most notably Northern Ireland and Scotland, will be struck by heavy rain and a slight increase in wind speed. Looking towards the end of the week, the BBC Weather forecaster explained that after this wet weather front moves into the Atlantic a new one will enter from the southwest by Friday bringing more showers for England and Wales.

Mr Taylor began by saying: “We have already got some rain across the west of Ireland and that is going to spread across other northern and western areas today.

“There will be an increasing breeze with it, we have had light winds over the past few days and that is about to change.

“Now this morning there is already rain across Ireland and just into the far west of Scotland, further south and east it is a morning of hazy sunshine.

“Cloud will generally increase wherever you are through today still with some brightness and sunshine to the south and east.

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“Further north and west more rain to come across western Scotland.

“Heaviest rain in Northern Ireland this morning turning a bit more showery into the afternoon and we will start to see a few bursts of rain in northern England and Wales later on.

“There could be the odd shower in East Anglia and the Midlands but the vast majority of England will stay dry.”

The BBC Weather presenter went on to explain that despite the heavy rain in the north, temperatures would remain relatively high in the south.

He stated that temperatures could reach highs of 27 degrees in the east of the UK.

Mr Taylor continued: “Through Wednesday evening into Thursday morning we will see that rain in western areas push its way eastwards.

“The rain will be relatively hit or miss but it will keep temperatures up as we start tomorrow morning.

“The eastern half of England will be cloudy with the greatest chance of a few showers to begin with but it will brighten up slowly through the day.

“Elsewhere some sunny spells to begin with but the showers will get going and across Scotland and Northern Ireland, some of those showers could be heavy and thundery with a fairly gusty wind.

“It will feel cooler in the breeze but all temperatures generally around 17 to 22 degrees Celsius across the country.”

The BBC weather presenter closed by saying the UK can expect heavy rain to move in from the south-west as we head into the weekend.

He said: As we go into Friday though things will turn cloudy more generally after a bright start across many northern and eastern areas.

“Things will turn cloudier, wetter and windier from the southwest and this time it is the southern parts of the UK that is likely to see some heavy rain.”

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