BBC weather forecaster dead after battle with cancer

One of the BBC’s longest-serving weather forecasters died suddenly this week after a battle with cancer, according to a new report.

Dianne Oxberry, 51, died at the Christie Hospital in Manchester on Thursday morning, the BBC reported.

Oxberry joined “BBC North West Tonight” as a weather presenter in 1994 and was also the face of its local news program, “Inside Out North West.”

“I am not your typical news presenter sitting behind a desk,” she wrote in her bio on the program’s web page. “I am more your nosy neighbor!”

“I want to know what is going on and because I have been working on TV in the North West for so long, people feel comfortable telling me their stories.”

She became well-known across the UK when she worked at the London-based BBC Radio 1 in the 1980s.

After her time there, Sunderland-born Oxberry returned to Greater Manchester in 1993 with her husband, cameraman Ian Hindle, according to the report.

The pair have two young children together and met in Manchester, where she co-anchored the Saturday morning children’s television show, “The 8:15 From Manchester.”

“Dianne was an amazing wife and mother who embraced life to the full,” Hindle told the BBC of his wife. “She was an inspiration to all who knew and loved her but also to the people who watched and welcomed her into their homes each night as if she were part of their family too.”

“She will leave a massive void in our lives, but because of the remarkable person she was, she will forever live on in our hearts,” he added. “The children and I will miss her more than anyone can imagine.”

Aziz Rashid, head of BBC North West, said in a statement that the entire staff is “devastated by this dreadful news.”

“The coming days will be difficult, but we will do our best to pay tribute to someone who meant so much to us all and made such an enormous contribution to broadcasting in the North West.”

In Oxberry’s Twitter bio, she describes herself as a “full-time pet collector.”

“Former Astronaut, Vet, Pilot, Police Officer – oops that was Barbie,” she joked.

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