Bear is killed after it mauled man who tried to take a SELFIE with it

Bear is beaten to death in India after it mauled a man who tried to take a selfie with it

  • Bear was savagely beaten to death by locals with sticks, spears and boulders 
  • The animal pounced on a 27-year-old man who tried to take a selfie in front of it
  • Man was saved by mob of men in Orissa, India, who sprung to victim’s defence

Dramatic footage shows a bear being beaten by a crowd of men with sticks and spears after the animal mauled a man trying to take a selfie with it. 

The unidentified victim, 27, was saved by locals in Orissa, India, who sprung to his defence when the distressed animal pounced on him. 

Video footage captured by one of the bystanders shows the bear attacking the man as he struggles to escape its grip.

A 27-year-old man was saved by locals in Orissa, India, after a bear pounced on him 

The unidentified man was trying to take a selfie with the bear when it attempted to maul him

A lot of shouting and screaming can be heard on the recording as locals gathered in huge numbers and tried to free the man.

When the bear refused to let go the mob used sticks and spears to pin it to the ground and beat it to death.

One man can be seen grabbing a boulder and cruelly launching it down at the animal to make sure it was dead. 

The man became trapped underneath the animal before a mob of men with sticks came to his rescue

They used their sticks to pin the bear to the ground before savagely beating it to death with their weapons

The man was pulled to safety and escaped with minor injuries. 

It is not known if the men came with the intention to kill the animal in the first place. 

In the footage they appear to have their weapons at the ready from the beginning.

They hit it with sticks, stab it with spears and one man grabs a boulder and launches it on the injured animal

It is not clear exactly what species the bear belongs to from the footage, though of India’s three indigenous bears – the Himalayan Black Bear, the brown bear and the sloth bear – only sloth bears are known to inhabit the area. 

Last week a taxi driver was killed by a bear under similar circumstances.

Prabhu Bhatara was driving guests home from a wedding last Wednesday when he spotted the bear by the roadside.

Taxi driver Prabhu Bhatara was trying to take a selfie with an injured bear when he slipped and was dragged to the floor by the animal

Mr Bhatara had been taking two guests home from a wedding when he stopped for the picture

With his passengers waiting in the back of the car, Bhatara went to try and take a picture with the animal, which was wounded. 

Video taken by shocked onlookers shows one person trying to save Mr Bhatara from the animal, but to no avail.

They could be seen inching down a slope to where the animal is sitting with Mr Bhatara at its feet and trying to hit it with a stick. 

There have been four other bear attacks in the state this year.

Shocked onlookers attempted to scare the bear away by hitting it and throwing objects at it, but that only seemed to enrage it

Mr Bhatara eventually died from his injuries and forest officials had to tranquilise the bear in order to retrieve his body

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