Beast of a pitbull swallows entire stack of pancakes in just three seconds

A dog owner was left gobsmacked when her pet swallowed an entire pile of pancakes in just three seconds.

Chelan Worms, from Washington, US, prepared a plate full of dog-friendly pancakes to celebrate her pitbull Kaia's birthday.

Video posted on Chelan's TikTok shows Kaia the rescue canine waiting impatiently on the chair.

The white pooch wears a sparkling headband with a golden "Happy Birthday" slogan on top while Chelan takes out a stack of peanut butter pancakes.

As Kaia sniffs around, her snout pushes the plate further away and Chelan has to bring it back.

The next second, the hungry pooch devours her birthday treat and swallows the whole pile.

Chelan and her family couldn't stop laughing as they watch Kaia eat the pancakes in one bite.

She wrote on her post: "Please enjoy this video of my dog deep throating peanut butter pancakes for her birthday."

The clip has amassed 579,000 views, with some users joking the dog has activated a "vacuum mode".

One said: "Gawk, gawk, 3000'd those pancakes."

A second wrote: "*Activate vacuum mode* What an amazing dog."

"We used to call our Labrador Noo-Noo [Teletubbies vacuum] because she would just inhale food like this," a third added.

While some viewers worried if Kaia choked on the food, Chelan replied: "She is fine, she washed it down with some water."

Other dog lovers said their dogs did the same whenever they eat.

"My dog eats pork chops like this, I always got to pull them out of his throat," a viewer said.

A fourth suggested: "You need to teach your dog to eat the treats slowly with commands like 'gentle', 'careful' or 'slow'."

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