‘Black Lives Matter activists’ flood murdered ‘All Lives Matter’ mom’s social media pages with mocking messages – The Sun

A WOMAN who said “all lives matter” before her death after an encounter with “Black Lives Matter” supporters is now being slammed online with mocking messages.

Jessica Doty Whitaker, 24, died In Indianapolis, Indiana, on July 5 while walking with a group of friends around 3am.

Whitaker’s fiancé, Jose Ramirez, said someone in their group used a “slang version of the N-word” which sparked an argument with a group of other people nearby, WXIN reported.

Ramirez said the group shouting that “Black lives matter” — to which someone in their group, possibly Whitaker, replied that “all lives matter.”

Per WXIN, the groups separated when they realized both sides were armed — and were said to have fist-bumped as they walked away from each other.

But minutes later, Ramirez said someone opened fire on their group from a nearby bridge and ran away.

He said he returned fire, but didn’t hit anyone in the incident, which left Whitaker, a mother to a three-year-old child, dead.

But in the wake of her death, her Facebook has been flooded with comments from those who agree with her stance — and others, apparent Black Lives Matter supporters, who have left mocking messages.

“I can’t feel bad for a racist who used a racial slur. Now you’ll have plenty of time to think about your horrible actions,” one person commented on her page.

“Shouldn’t have been throwing the N-word around,” wrote another, while another person added: “Can’t feel bad for you when you used a racial slur and acting a f**king fool.”

“Black lives matter,” someone who appeared to be a supporter of the movement said. “The rest of you are next.”

One person who seemingly opposed the notion that “all lives matter” quoted Whitaker’s mother as telling a local news outlet that she’ll “never get to get” her daughter again.”

Whitaker’s mom, Arlena Doty, told WTHR: “I just want the people who are responsible to be held accountable."

But the Facebook commenter responded: “I got some bad news for you Arlene (sic). You are the one responsible for raising your daughter to hang out with racists.”

The area where Whitaker was shot, which is said to be a canal, recently saw two other shootings, including an attempted armed robbery, according to police.

Authorities have since added security cameras and said they’ll increase patrols in the area, especially during nighttime hours.

Anyone with information on Whitaker’s shooting is urged to contact Central Indiana Crime Stoppers at 317-262-8477.

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