Boy convicted of planning Islamic State attack aged 17

Boy convicted of planning Islamic State attack aged 17 after becoming obsessed with violent ‘drill’ videos

  • Haider Ahmed, now 19, guilty of plotting attacks inspired by London Bridge 
  • He was 16 and 17-years-old and living with his parents in Surrey at the time  
  • The former Reigate College pupil allegedly bought 15-inch knife from a friend 

Haider Ahmed, now 19 (pictured), was 16 and 17-years old when he was accused of plotting an attack while living with his parents in Redhill, Surrey

A Surrey teenager faces jail for planning an Islamic State attack after becoming obsessed with watching violent online gang ‘drill’ videos.

Haider Ahmed, then a 17-year-old sixth form student, was still living with his parents in the leafy county when he was arrested for plotting an attack similar to those at London Bridge and Westminster.

He had become radicalised by violent gang ‘drill’ rap videos he watched on YouTube at the age of 14, before graduating to Islamic State violence.

His online obsession led to him taking over an encrypted channel on Telegram dedicated to the terrorist group at the age of 16 and failing most of his GCSEs.

The channel put him in touch with an extensive terrorist recruitment network that had members in Libya, Kenya, India and the Philippines.

Ahmed revelled in street attacks and also watched violent execution videos, including one he called the ‘Slaughter House’, the court had heard.

It featured jailers hanging alleged spies upside down from meat hooks in an abattoir and before slitting their throats.

Ahmed (pictured at London Bridge train station) denied plotting a terror attack but was found guilty of a majority of ten to two at Kingston Crown Court

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Ahmed was found guilty of preparing acts of terrorism by a majority of ten to two and will face sentence next month at Kingston Crown Court.

He asked a friend to sell him a knife because he was under 18 and could not buy it himself and was warned: ‘Dnt gt caught with it. They’ll says ISIS, lol.’

In messages, Ahmed wrote: ‘I wanna ruin some people’s faces or dip them in the leg, lol’ adding that he was ‘ready to spill juice.’

Ahmed was also in touch with a notorious British Islamic State recruiter.

An image of the 15-inch knife which Ahmed is alleged to have purchased 

Ahmed had been in touch with a man who called himself ‘Carl Drogo’, in a bid to allegedly travel from Nigeria to Libya 

The teenager, who was studying business, IT, maths and law, at ‘outstanding’ Reigate College in Surrey, wrote: ‘I’m doing well in college, however I’ve found out my purpose recently.’

Prosecutor Ben Lloyd said Ahmed had a ‘callous disregard’ for life and a ‘long-standing interest in and commitment to the terrorist cause of Islamic State.’

He also said he was ‘no different’ from the killers at London Bridge and Westminster, who launched their attacks a few months after his arrest.

He was said to be a ‘young man with a radical, dangerous and entrenched mindset’ who would have been ‘happy to die in the cause.’

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