Brewery blasted for sexism over claims its beer has ‘female hormones’

Brewery is blasted for sexism after claiming its beer was ‘full of female hormones’ that led to drinkers ‘talking cr*p and being unable to drive’

  •  The 1648 Brewery Co said on Facebook its beer was ‘full of female hormones’
  •  Facebook users slammed the owners for being ‘misogynistic’ with the posting
  •  Friends of the Sussex brewers have said the owners were not behind the post

A brewery has been blasted for sexism after it said its beer was full of ‘female hormones’ that would lead to drinkers talking ‘crap’ and being unable to drive.

The 1648 Brewery Co received dozens of one-star ratings after a Facebook post went horribly wrong.

The company, based in Sussex, wrote a post online saying: ‘It as been discovered that our beer has female hormones in it, after five pints we talk crap and can’t drive.’

Social media users were left furious at the company and dozens took to Facebook to blast the brewers.

One Facebook user, Minty Rutherford, said: ‘Misogynistic company that openly discriminate.

The 1648 Brewery Co posted an offensive message on its Facebook account which was seized upon by angered beer drinkers who labelled them misogynist 

‘I would not bother lining their pockets in exchange for sub-par beer. Unimaginative beer, backwards thinking staff and generally shoddy.’

Another user, James Warrington, commented: ‘Brewery with staff from the era of acceptable misogyny. Doesn’t work in this day and age, I wouldn’t put any money their way.

Anthony Chapman said: ‘The blandest of bland beer. Hateful social media posts of sexist ‘jokes’. Avoid.’

Jon Ford said: ‘Traditional brewery with prehistoric brews and sexist views’.

Timothy Wileman added: ‘Disgusting misogynistic views from this brewery.’

Melissa Cole, an award winning beer writer, condemned the 1648 Brewery Co on Twitter as she tweeted a screenshot of the brewery’s post with the caption: ‘It has been discovered on FB that @1648BreweryCo seems to have too much sexism in it, talks crap and can’t acknowledge this is 2018 not 1918.’

Ms Cole, from London, said: ‘Beer should be inclusive and this kind of Bernard Manning-esque humour should have been confined to that era by now.

‘It also makes jokes about drink driving, a subject it appals me to see being made light of by a brewery and I was astounded to see the local CAMRA branch sharing the post too.’

Others said the message was ‘hateful’ but some Facebook users stood up for the company and said the post was not created or accepted by the owners 

Beer critic Melissa Cole was angered by the post which reinforced insulting social stereotypes about women 

Sam Lovely said: ‘Someone needs to inform these dinosaurs that it’s 2018.’ 

However some supported the post and saw it as more of a misguided joke.

Peter Church wrote: ‘Don’t worry about the outraged hipsters, they will soon go away and find something else to rant about. They all come from a group controlled by a total control freak, whom I might add is the laughing stock of the wider beer community.’

Jon Taguea friend of the owners said they had nothing to do with the post and it was by another person with access to their official page.

Many on Facebook told the brewing company based in Sussex they need to enter 2018 and that ‘dinosaur’ views on women were not accepted. More than 40 people complained 

He said: ‘To be fair Bob and Owen had nothing to do with the comment that was posted and have removed it straight away.

‘This does not reflect on there own views and found the comment highly offensive.’

But customers said a denial through a friend and removing the post was not enough and called for an apology.

Sarah Victoria wrote: ‘They seem to think an acceptable marketing technique is to alienate half their customer base. You can delete a post, but you can’t delete the intent..’

It comes after the brewing industry vowed to clean up its act following a series of sexist adverts.

A Manchester brewery was forced to take down adverts showing women in skin-tight tops from one of its bars following a backlash.

The ads showed women with protruding nipples along with the slogan: ‘Somethings [sic] are better Extra Cold’.

Pink IPA from Brewdog, which was dubbed Beer for Girls and was introduced to take aim at the gender pay gap, was also slated in March.

The 1648 Brewery Co has now removed the post.

They have not yet responded to requests for a comment.


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