Bystanders lift car off child in Rotorua car park incident

Members of the public lifted a car to free a young boy who was trapped underneath in an incident that happened in a carpark in central Rotorua this morning.

The incident happened at 10.30am in the Rotorua Credit Union car park on the corner of Ranolf and Pukuatua Sts. Police, fire and St John ambulance are in attendance.

Lum Tamati told a Rotorua Daily Post journalist on the scene he and about three other men in the area saw the commotion and lifted the car off the young boy.

“As I was driving past I saw all these people running around in the car park so I looked over there and at first I could not see but when I looked properly I saw a young kid under a car and it appears like he had got run over,” Tamati said

“About four of us guys jumped out of our cars from around the place to help this young fellow. We lifted the car up so he could get out. He’s only a bit bruised up, he was crying and carrying on but he seems to be okay.”

A police spokesman said police had only just been called to it and it was too early to give more information.

A St John spokeswoman said one ambulance was sent to the scene and staff were assessing one person in a moderate condition.

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