Depraved killers jailed for life with no release after sickening murder of mum

Two killers have been jailed for life with no hope of ever being released after the sickening murder of a mum-of-two who was raped, tortured and dumped in a burning car.

William McFall, 51, and Stephen Unwin, 42, were last month convicted of murdering Quyen Ngoc Nguyen, 28, after luring her to Unwin’s home in Tyne and Wear.

Unwin, who held his hands over his eyes in during today’s court hearing, was also convicted of raping Miss Nguyen and received a second life sentence.

Miss Nguyen, who weighed just 7st, was put through an unimaginable four-hour ordeal, including sexual assault, rape and torture, after arriving at the house in Shiney Row last year.

Her badly burned body was later discovered in the back of her Audi by firefighters.

McFall even posed for a grinning selfie after the lust and greed-fuelled killing.

In the disturbing image, he can be seen sitting in a vehicle’s passenger seat as he and Unwin drive to Fencehouse Post Office – where they withdrew cash from Miss Nguyen’s bank account.

Unwin is pictured in the background, not looking at the camera.

The two maintenance men were found guilty of the young Vietnamese woman’s murder by a jury of eight women and four men, who deliberated for just four hours before reaching their verdicts.

Miss Nguyen’s sister, Quyhn, entered the witness box today at Newcastle Crown Court to read a victim impact statement.

She said: "My dear sister was a kind and beautiful girl, a lovely daughter and caring mother.

"She is always in the heart of our family We miss her every day. I often see her in my dreams.

"Since she passed away my mother cries every day because of the loss of her beloved daughter.

”She’s missed by everyone, especially on family birthdays and festive celebrations.

”We always celebrated occasions together but from now on we are without Quyen which makes the whole family feel sad.

"We cannot comprehend how men like this can live freely in this country.

"My sister believed, as I did, that you came to this country for a safer life, with better opportunities for herself and her children."

She said their parents and her sister’s two children had been left heartbroken by the actions of the murderers.

"They did not act like human beings, they are evil," she said.

Both denied murdering Miss Nguyen, but Unwin was convicted of her murder and her rape, while McFall was found guilty of her murder but cleared of the rape charge.

During the trial, jurors heard how the pair ate a curry as Miss Nguyen lay dying at Unwin’s home.

The victim’s body was later found in her car after it had been torched beside some allotments.

Last month, Miss Nguyen’s sister, Quyhn Ngoc Nguyen, wept once again in the public gallery at Newcastle Crown Court as she waited for the verdicts. She could be seen holding a framed photo of her sibling.

The court had been told how killers Unwin and McFall – who met in prison – messaged loved ones and ate the curry they had cooked as Miss Nguyen lay dying in the house.

The victim worked at her sister’s nail bar, but was also helping Vietnamese people find accommodation when she came across Unwin.

He worked for landlords maintaining properties, and the mum would not have known he was a life prisoner out on licence for murder.

During the earlier killing in 1998, Unwin murdered a pensioner and set fire to the elderly victim’s house in a bid to cover his tracks. McFall, who is from Northern Ireland, also murdered a pensioner during a 1996 break-in.

The killers met in the prison system at HMP Swaleside, a Category B institution, in Kent, the court heard. They later got in touch via Facebook after they were both released on licence.

They teamed up, working together legitimately, but also stealing cannabis from farms they found in local properties, it was said.

They planned their depraved attack on Miss Nguyen, with Unwin tricking her into coming into his home in Houghton-le-Spring last August.

There, McFall was waiting.

The Irishman had text Unwin earlier that evening using a vile racial slur, saying: "We raping the ch***"?" the court heard.

Before she was sexually assaulted, raped and killed in the horrifying attack, the mum had been forced to hand over her PINs.

Unwin withdrew £1,000 from her bank accounts at cashpoints that night. Each of the defendants blamed the other, seemingly hoping to confuse the jury.

McFall wrote to Unwin while they were on remand saying he had been to the prison library and found a "legal loophole" despite what he admitted was damning evidence. The prosecution claimed their loophole was simply to blame one another.

In a statement following the pair’s conviction, Miss Nguyen’s grieving sister described the victim as a "loving", "caring" and "beautiful" mum.

She also said it had been "unbelievably difficult" to hear the "lies" the defendants had said about her sibling in an attempt to clear their own names.

Her statement, released via Northumbria Police, read: "Quyen was a loving caring mother and a simply beautiful daughter, sister and aunt who loved nothing more than spending time with her family.

"She had many friends both Vietnam and in the UK. My sister has two beautiful young children whose lives have been changed forever, they will never see there mummy again which has left us all deeply saddened and hurt.

"My parents will never understand why she has been taken from them in this violent way, they always believed she would be safe in this country.

"She was their youngest child, a kind, generous, thoughtful and intelligent young women.

"We have all been left devastated by her death, our family has lost a wonderful women, we cannot even begin to describe the loss and emptiness in our hearts, her smile will be missed every day by everyone who knew her.

"Quyen was a talented loving and beautiful young woman who had the opportunity for a wonderful life; she had educated herself in London to degree standard, taught herself to learn the English language well and dreamed of a good life for her and her children.

"It has been unbelievably difficult for her family and friends to listen to the lies these two men have said about her in an attempt to clear their own names.

"She was not involved in any criminality nor was she ever in a relationship with Mr Unwin. The thought and knowledge of what Quyen must have suffered at the time of her death is unbearable.

"Although nothing will bring her back to us I accept the sentence imposed by the court and hope these individuals will never be released."

Miss Nguyen, who was originally from Vinh, a city in the north of Vietnam, moved to the UK in 2010 to study business in London.

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