Diner stunned at odd charge on her restaurant receipt – but chef stands by it

A chef and food writer was shocked when she was charged £1.50 to have parmesan grated over her dinner in an independent Italian restaurant.

Rosie French tucked into a tagliatelle dish at Ombra Bar and Restaurant in Hackney, London, but was stunned when she saw a parmesan supplement on her bill.

She shared a photo of the receipt on social media and many other people, including food critic Jay Rayner, were also outraged.

She wrote: "Any thoughts on this "parmisan supplement" @ jayrayner1?

"Wasn’t mentioned to us during the awkward, painfully slow, grating at the table. Would have let her carry on had we known!"

She didn’t name the restaurant in the original tweet but did later when asked by Mr Rayner, who replied, "Where in gods name was this?"

However the restaurant’s head chef Mitshel Ibrahim has defended the decision to charge extra.

It wasn’t just any old cheese, it was 36 months Vacche Rosse Parmigiano Reggiano and he says the menu clearly states it’s served at an extra charge.

He shared a photo of the restaurant menu on Twitter to prove his point.

But lots of people still think this is unacceptable and have taken to social media to voice their anger.

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