DJ wakes up with £1,450 Uber bill after falling asleep in car in London and ending up in Midlands

A STUNNED DJ woke up with a £1,450 Uber bill after falling asleep in a car in London and waking up in the Midlands.

He claims he dropped off after a night on the town, and expected to be driven home to Croydon.

But instead Chris Reed, stage name Plastician, opened his eyes and was faced with the unfamiliar surroundings of Sleaford, Lincolnshire.

He tweeted: "Spent this week trying to get answers from @Uber as to how my driver managed to drive me halfway up the UK while I dozed off thinking I was headed from Fulham to Croydon.

"Woken up in the Midlands! Didn’t hear a peep from my driver. £1453.86. 5 1/2 hrs on surge price x2.

"An Uber employee at the call centre confirmed with me on Tuesday that my home address was on the booking when I called it in.

"They are now denying this yet have no proof that I ever entered an address in Sleaford – a destination I have never been to in my LIFE."

He cautioned: "Don’t drink & drive but also, don’t drink and get in an @uber as this could happen to anyone.

"If I am forced to pay this ridiculous fare in it’s entirety then I at least hope it saves people reading this from the same happening to them."

The Sun Online has contacted Reed for comment.


An Uber spokeswoman said: "We are currently looking into this incident.

"All riders who request a ride can see the fare estimate for their destination before a trip begins, and we encourage riders to confirm their destination with the driver before a trip commences."

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