Doctor on the run with up to £400k of stolen NHS cash shoots his lover dead then kills himself

Dr Titus Bradley, 42, and  Noemi Gergely, 28, vanished a year ago after staff pay and pension cash went missing from his four taxpayer-funded practices.

Police on the Atlantic island of Santo Antao in Cape Verde revealed yesterday the pair had been found dead in a guest house in an apparent murder-suicide.

They were killed by single  bullet wounds to the head after reports of a  row and two gunshots being heard.

The pair checked in on April 15,  two days before the deaths — only confirmed by authorities yesterday.

Divin Art guest house manager Helder Bentub revealed he discovered the pair in the bathroom next to their pet Rotweiler.

He said: “The day of the shooting was no different from any others. They went out after breakfast to go walking and exploring and came back around 5pm.

“The only difference that day was that there was a terrible argument. They were in their room but we could hear shouting and the banging of doors and windows.

“They came out of their rooms and went to the restaurant and argued again and the woman told one of our staff that her companion had hit her.

“We heard the shots ring out a couple of minutes later when they were both back in their room.

“We found them lying dead in the bathroom after forcing our way in. The dog was with them but alive.

“The police station is very near and they got here a couple of minutes later but there was nothing they could do to save them.”

Local police chief Cipriano  Bandeira said: “We are not looking for anyone else at this stage. As far as we are concerned with the evidence we have got at the moment, this is a homicide-suicide.

“We believe the man shot the woman with a 6.35 pistol before using it to kill himself.

“We recovered the weapon from the scene.

“Both gun wounds were fatal wounds to the head. We received the alarm at 5.53pm on April 15 and were there within a couple of minutes.

“The couple in question had checked into their guest house on April 13 and were due to leave on April 16.

“They came from the neighbouring island of Sao Vicente which is about an hour away by boat.

“Our understanding is that they had been living on a fishing boat or yacht in the marina on Sao Vicente for at least three months before this happened.”

In 2012 the GP’s  marriage to Lucy, 45 — mum of his 11-year-old son — collapsed  amid rumours of an affair with a colleague.

He  met Hungarian Noemi in a London club where she was  a PR girl.

His  surgeries around Hastings, East Sussex, began failing due to staff shortages.

Patients were told to go to A&E as colleagues accused him of  mismanagement.

Last April the keen sea angler, originally from Llanelli, failed to return from a three-week fishing trip to the  South Atlantic’s Ascension Island, leaving his surgeries in chaos.

A source said: “He never came back but Noemi returned on her own saying they’d had a row.

“NHS money supposed to pay wages and fund the practices, between £150,000 and £200,000, then disappeared. Up to £200,000  to pay into staff pensions also went missing, along with Noemi. After she’d gone the money was found to have been transferred to a bank account in her name in Romania.

“Dr Bradley had been lying to the NHS for months, getting paid for appointments which simply weren’t available to  patients.”

Two of Dr Bradley’s  former surgeries were closed yesterday. Two others are under new ownership.

A former employee said: “Staff went a good few months without getting paid properly last year.”

Sussex police last night confirmed they launched a probe into the missing NHS cash last May.

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