Doe-eyed Donald Trump gushes that love-in with Macron ‘is not fake news’ as he brushes ‘dandruff’ off French president’s jacket and says ‘he’s perfect’

The US leader lauded America's "special relationship" with France during a cosy meeting with Emmanuel Macron at the White House in a snub to Britain.

And he even held hands with the French leader – echoing the scene in January last year with him and Prime Minister Theresa May.

Trump, speaking of his French "bromance", said: “They’re all saying what a great relationship we have and they’re actually correct.

“It’s not fake news…we do have a very special relationship.”

Jokingly wiping a piece of dandruff off Macron’s shoulder, Trump added: “In fact, I’ll get that little piece of dandruff off. We have to make him perfect. He is perfect.”

The warm reception happened amid a cooling in the real Special Relationship between Washington and London.

PM May publicly rebuked Trump last November after he retweeted videos from hate group “Britain First” and there has been uncertainty over his scheduled visit to the UK.

This week it was reported that Trump was pencilled in for a trip to Britain this summer.

President Macron and his wife Brigitte received a grand welcome at the White House – in the first official state visit of his presidency.

What body language expert Judi James had to say about the kiss

  • This relationship began like a battleground in terms of the power potential of their greeting rituals.
  • But since Macron out-Trumped Trump in terms of eye contact and handshake grip the two leaders have developed a tendency for displays of affection and rapport.
  • This is a real toe-curler though with Macron clasping Trump firmly round the back to pull him down to his height for a kiss Francaise.
  • Trump appears to struggle which results in a glazed eye to suggest he's floundering and that painful Demi-pucker of the lips.
  • Macron's rituals suggest he's still a canny power-broker who manages to catch Trump on the back foot.

The French first couple arrived at the president's mansion just after 9 am by limousine, where they were greeted by a military band on the White House's South Lawn.

It is a ceremony reserved only for the most formal celebrations and the Macrons were the first guests of Trump's tenure to be honoured with it.

President Trump said the visit was a “fitting” tribute to the “leader of America's oldest ally”.

Macron echoed Trump's comments on the countries' long-standing alliance.

He added: “Our friendship has constantly grown more solid.”

The first ladies wore white and off-white, with Melania Trump in a stark suit and broad-rimmed hat.


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