George Floyd protests EXPLODE across America with White House on put lockdown amid flag-burning and CNN offices raided – The Sun

PROTESTS over the death of George Floyd have erupted across the US for a fourth night as flag-burning demonstrators forced the White House into lockdown and CNN's headquarters were ransacked.

Secret Service officials placed the residence on high alert in response to angry crowds gathering in Washington DC to protest the death of the 46-year-old black father in police custody in Minneapolis on Monday.

The lockdown was lifted after 40 minutes as officers dressed in riot gear were ordered to control crowds.

Meanwhile, dozens of other demonstrations opposing police brutality sprung up across the US – with violence breaking out in Atlanta, where protesters were seen smashing windows at a CNN office in the city.

Protesters faced off with the Secret Service and burned American flags while chanting "No justice, no peace".

Others scaled the walls of buildings and vandalized them, spray-painting building with phrases like "F**k 12", an anti-police slang term.

Federal agents were seen arresting at least one person in front of the White House, USA Today reported.

NPR reporter Tamara Keith described the "intense protest" across the street from the White House, where dozens of demonstrators had gathered to chant "I can't breathe!" and "Black lives matter".

Protesters momentarily shut down the White House as:

  • Officer Derek Chauvin was arrested and charged with third-degree murder in the death of Floyd
  • Floyd's grieving girlfriend pleaded for people to demonstrate peacefully because violent riots "would devastate him"
  • President Donald Trump revealed he's spoke with Floyd's mourning family and said the "sad" arrest footage is "an insult to policemen"
  • Former President Barack Obama said Floyd's death "can't be normal in 2020 America" and said Americans "must be better"
  • Minneapolis issued a curfew starting at 8pm Friday in response to the frenetic demonstrations that have rocked the city

CNN reported that the doors to the White House briefing room, where reporters have their offices, were also locked and Secret Service agents did not allow anyone off the grounds.

Protesters gathered at 14th and U streets in Washington DC and shut down traffic before continuing on to the White House.

Video captured at in Georgia appeared to show demonstrators mounting the CNN sign at the network's headquarters and raising a Black Lives Matter flag.

Protesters also set ablaze an American flag outside CNN Center, the network reported, cheering as windows were broken near the entrance of the center.

The initially peaceful rally in downtown Atlanta quickly became violent when a police vehicle was set on fire, according to the AJC.

At least three people were arrested and one officer was shoved to the ground, cops told the news outlet.

"Officers have been subjected to water bottles, eggs, and other items being thrown at them," said a spokesman for the Atlanta Police Department.

"However we remain hopeful this activity will cease and there will be no need for further arrests or clashes with protesters."

New Yorkers hit the streets for another night of demonstrations as large crowds flooded lower Manhattan to protest police brutality.

People hurled bottles at police and even stormed barricades outside Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where the Daily News reported several protesters were arrested.

The NYPD confirmed to WCBS that arrests for disorderly conduct and blocking traffic were made in Foley Square and at the Brooklyn Bridge.

A former FBI special agent claimed protesters stormed the 88th Precinct in north Brooklyn just before 9:45pm.

The 84th Precinct was also "under siege" as officers from NYPD's special units raced to the location.

An NYPD van appeared to be set on fire in the Fort Greene neighborhood as reports of an officer down were called in just before 10pm.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio pleaded with protesters to rally peacefully and reminded them to practice social distancing while doing so.

He also urged demonstrators to respect police, saying that their anger should instead be redirected to elected officials, not officers trying to do their job.

Faith leaders who organized the Friday evening protest are calling on the City Council to reintroduce and pass a chokehold bill, according to WCBS.

As protesters raged in New York, video taken appears to show a car ploughing through a crowd at a Black Lives Matter rally in California.

Dozens of people in at the intersection in Bakersfield are seen marching in the street before the peaceful scene erupts into chaos.

Footage shared on Twitter captured the crowd frantically scattering moments later when an SUV recklessly speeds through the street.

The user who shared the video @jazzyabstrakt claimed "it was a man in a white shirt" who was driving the vehicle.

In Oakland, traffic was stopped on the Bay Bridge as demonstrators parked their cars to form an impenetrable barricade.

Hundreds of Minnesotans broke the 8pm curfew enacted by city officials in Minneapolis and St. Paul to protest for a fourth straight night on Friday.

KTSP reported that a fire was started in north Minneapolis and that protesters out on the streets defying curfew were hit with tear gas.

A peaceful group of demonstrators blocked the Hennepin Avenue Bridge at around 5pm before they continued on to an area near US Bank Stadium, according to the news station.

The Friday night protests follow hours after police arrested and charged Chauvin with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the death of Floyd.

The 44-year-old officer was taken into custody by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension just before 11:45am Friday.

Chauvin was booked four days after disturbing video showed him kneeling on the family man's neck during his brutal arrest.

The footage sparked the torching of the Minneapolis 3rd Precinct, where Chauvin is believed to have worked, on Thursday night.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said on Thursday that Floyd was killed "because he is black" and explicitly said arresting officer Chauvin "killed someone".

The 38-year-old politician said during an interview with CBS News that Floyd wouldn't have been killed if he was white.

"He'd be alive today if he were white," Frey said of Floyd.

"I'm not a prosecutor, but let me be clear, the arresting officer killed someone."

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