Hatton Garden suspect Basil 'caught on camera chatting to heist ring leader before cops found stolen jewellery in his house'

Jurors heard how Michael Seed, 58, allegedly met John “Kenny” Collins in public parks on two occasions soon after the robbery.

Just over 1,000 items of jewellery, gold, watches and bundles of valuable stones were later found in Seed’s bedroom following his arrest in March last year, it was alleged.

Woolwich Crown Court was also told that Seed had consistently similar “reliable characteristics” to Basil’s “particular habitual gait” seen on CCTV during the Easter 2015 heist.


Prosecutor Philip Evans, QC, said a chiropodist and podiatrist reviewed police surveillance footage of Seed and compared it with CCTV of Basil from the record-breaking safety deposit box centre raid.

Mr Evans added: “The expert noted the right leg movement and position of the foot and lower limb have a similar appearance at various stages of the gait cycle in both sets of footage…

“It is the expert’s opinion that there is strong evidence to support the proposition that Seed is Basil.”

It is the expert’s opinion that there is strong evidence to support the proposition that Seed is Basil


Mr Evans also said 789 items found at Seed's home were positively identified by safety deposit box owners as theirs – with 144 more described as being “consistent” to valuables stolen from them.

Those items were valued overall at £143,129.74 by Wilsons Auctioneers, said Mr Evans.

Jurors heard that 'Basil' played a key role in the £14million heist, and was one of two bandits to tunnel through a small hole into the vault.


CCTV cameras captured 'Basil' wearing a blue boiler suit, white gloves and carrying a black bin bag on his shoulder to shield his face from cameras, the court heard.

He was disguised with a wig, face mask and earphones as he broke in through the main door of 88-90 Hatton Garden before letting accomplices in through a side fire exit during the raid carried out over two nights.

'Basil' played the main role in disabling the alarm system and fellow gang members paid tribute to his skills during a covert police recording, the court heard.

Mr Evans said a large number of books on electronics and surveillance were found along with covert audio and vibration recording devices during the search of Seed’s home in Islington, North London.

Jurors also heard DNA profiles on a glove discovered at the scene of a similar £1million raid at Mayfair jewellers Chatila in 2010 allegedly links Seed to the raid with convicted Hatton Garden thieves Daniel Jones and Terry Perkins.

Jones pleaded guilty to the break-in at the jewellers while Perkins died while awaiting trial, the court heard.

Seed denies two charges of conspiracy to commit burglary and one charge of conspiracy to convert or transfer criminal property.

The trial continues.

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