Hither Green burglar Henry Vincent's £100k funeral procession past hero OAP's home will take place on May 3 following two-day vigil in Kent

The traveller community is allegedly planning a £100,000 ‘send-off’ for the criminal who was killed while robbing a pensioner’s house.

The 37-year-old was stabbed to death with his own screwdriver by Richard Osborn-Brooks, 78, during a botched robbery.

Henry Vincent was once on a "most wanted" list and is reported to have spent a total of ten years behind bars.

Mr Osborn-Brooks was arrested on suspicion of murder but later told by police he would face no further action.

According to the Daily Mail, Vincent’s family will hold a two-day vigil around his body telling stories about him.

The career criminal will then be buried on May 3, following a massive procession by the traveller community.

A source told the Daily Mail: "On 1st May Henry's body will be taken back to his mother's house in Swanley, Kent.

"For two days they'll sit around telling stories about him before a procession of vehicles, including limousines and horse-drawn carriages, will pass the house in Hither Green in south east London before he's taken back up to St. Mary Cray Cemetery in Star Lane where he'll be buried right by where his family live on the Star Lane traveller site.

"Travellers take their funeral corteges past where a person died and they want to give him a big send off as he was a patriarchal figure.

"But they also want to make a big show about his death and prove the gipsy legend that they're not to be messed with."

Vincent's funeral will reportedly involve a horse-drawn procession which will go past the home of the hero who killed him.

The procession will pass the spot where the crack addict died, keeping with gipsy tradition.

Reports suggest this will also be a signal to others that travellers are “not to be messed with”.

Members of the travelling community say his last procession will be the "funeral of all funerals."

A source close to his family said they are planning to spend £100,000 on the final journey of the crack addict.

Residents fear Vincent’s traveller friends could clash with the community when the procession takes place.

The source said: “They plan to take the procession right past the house.

“It’s supposed to be a message to locals and the guy who killed him that gypsies are not to be messed with.”

The source added: “Vincent’s spent his life ripping off the elderly yet his funeral’s designed to make you think he was some kind of gipsy god.

“They’re planning to spend £50,000 just on flowers. There will be limousines and ornate horse-drawn carriages.”

Vincent is due to be buried near his family’s site in Orpington, Kent.


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