Melania Trump Shuts Down Donald’s Attempt To Hold Her Hand Again & It’s Cringeworthy — Watch

Okay, this is getting sad. The president tried yet again to hold wife Melania Trump’s hand, and she gave him the swerve. You have to see this totally awkward moment play out.

Much like attempting to build a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico, President Donald Trump, 71, is failing at holding his own wife’s hand. During a photo op with the president and first lady of France, who are very much in love, Trump tried to get closer to First Lady Melania Trump, 47. No dice. In the video below, you can see him desperately trying to intertwine his fingers with Melania’s while she refuses to unclench her fist. It’s hella awkward, and tbh, we cannot stop watching the cringeworthy moment.

What adds another layer of sorrow to this battle of wills is that Melania’s keeping a straight face and standing still the entire time. She’s a model; she knows what to do! Eventually, though, she just gave up. Whatever. This is far from the first time that DT’s tried to get a little PDA from his wife only to get swerved. Maybe the most notable incident is when they visited Israel together in May 2017, and she was caught on video literally swatting his hand away at the airport. Get it, girl.

This latest total bummer comes amidst the accusations from Stormy Daniels that the now-president allegedly slept with her in 2006, just months after Melania gave birth to Barron Trump, now 11. Understandably, Melania hasn’t been too gung-ho about showing love for her (allegedly) cheating husband lately. Though they put on a united front at the White House Easter party on April 1, it didn’t seem like either were too happy about it. Dude knows he’s done messed up.

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