Melania Trump wax figure debuts at Madame Tussauds

Former White House spokesman Sean Spicer got a second chance Wednesday to rep the Trump administration – and take part in a photo-op with the presidential couple — as he unveiled first lady Melania Trump’s new wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Times Square.

“She’s a very gracious and fashionable woman,” Spicer said of Melania during a Q&A before the first lady’s debut in wax. “I don’t think the American people have fully appreciated the level of intellect that she has…she really has her finger on the pulse of what’s going on politically, what’s going on in the media.”

“Last night I think the world got to see what a great first lady she is, what impeccable taste she has. It’s just another example of her putting on an amazing event for her to highlight our country for the world to see,” Spicer said, referring to the first state dinner of the Trump administration.

During Spicer’s bizarre guest appearance at the famed wax museum – where President Trump is already on display – he touted Melania, saying she “does so much on behalf of our country.”

“She’s very supportive of the president, but as an individual she was always there for her husband with her loving support,” he said.

Melania, a 47-year-old former model, was molded into wax to be part of the museum’s interactive exhibit called “Give Melania a Voice” in a set depicting the Oval Office.

When Spicer unveiled the blue-dress-wearing wax statue of Melania, she was positioned beside the figure of her husband, President Trump, behind a desk in the mock Oval Office.

“It’s unbelievably lifelike,” Spicer said of Melania’s wax figure.

The wax Melania will remain on display until May 31 when it will be moved to Madame Tussaud’s Washington, DC, location.

Visitors to the new exhibit are given the opportunity to give the commander-in-chief – one of the most active politicians on Twitter – a run for his money and tweet on behalf of FLOTUS at a social media station.

Tweets by visitors will appear on a live feed in the exhibit and the best tweets will then be shared on a Twitter account for the “First Lady of Madame Tussauds,” the wax museum said.

During the unveiling, Spicer reflected on his last day at the White House last year and said he had “an opportunity to go over and say goodbye” to Melania.

“She’s a very busy woman in terms of the events happening around and she wanted to make sure she had an opportunity to sit down and talk a little bit. It was just a personal inquiry — ‘how you’re doing,’ ‘what’s next,’ ‘let me know if there’s anything I can do to be more supportive.’”

“Those kind of interactions mean a lot. There’s a deep concern,” he said.

When asked by a reporter if he ever witnessed Melania “mad,” Spicer responded: “Not that I ever saw…she was always supportive in public and in private. They have their moments like every couple does, but she’s a great supportive spouse.”

Asked to comment on Melania’s latest awkward hand-holding moment with her husband that swept the internet the day before, Spicer said: “As a spouse of 14 years, I’ve had my own awkward moments. I think there’s a genuine love and concern and that’s what’s the most important part.”

When questions arose about former FBI Director James Comey’s memos, Spicer said: “I spend a lot less time paying attention to the news now.”

Spicer abruptly resigned from his post as White House press secretary in July.

He is releasing a book this summer titled “The Briefing.”

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