Michael Gove set to scrap plans for a 'total' ban on electric shock tags for pets

The Tory MP indicated he will allow the devices to be linked to containment fences to stop pets from straying out of their gardens and on to roads.

Mr Gove is still set to ban the collars from use as training devices, according to The Times.

He said: “Containment fences can play a valuable role in ensuring that individual animals, dogs and cats, can roam free in the domestic environment in which they are loved and cared for.”

Olympic rowing legend Steve Redgrave, who uses an electric collar on his Old English sheepdog, said he was “delighted” by the news.

“I agree with Michael Gove that they are a valuable way of giving pets the freedom of the nation’s gardens and I am convinced, from my own experience, that they are not in the slightest way cruel,” he added.

The RSPCA supports a ban on containment fences as well as remote training devices.

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