Mum manages to clear airport security and fly to Germany using her one-year-old son’s passport – The Sun

A MUM cleared airport security and flew to Germany using her one-year-old son’s passport.

Lenesha Riley, 33, flew from Luton to Berlin with easyJet using her toddler son Josiah's passport after she packed it by mistake and used it to board a flight.

Masters student Lenesha had no idea she was using Josiah's passport until she got it out for a security check in Berlin.

The mishap happened despite the passport being scanned at the departure gate in Luton.

Berlin Airport security noticed and Lenesha was forced to fly her cousin out with her passport so she could get home.

Lenesha, of New Cross, South East London, said: “It’s scary to think that I got through. It’s most definitely a security risk.”

Lenesha keeps her passport in a folder at home, alongside Josiah's and one belonging to daughter, Saphie, six.

She went to Germany for the weekend with her mum Annette Murray, 62, and her friend, Angela Grant, 60.

Lenesha said: "I am usually very organised so for me to do this was such a shock. It caused me so much stress when I was supposed to be enjoying myself."

Lenesha looked into having the passport posted out via next day delivery – but she said she was quoted more than £1,000 for a direct courier service to Europe.

This meant she had to pay for flights for her cousin to meet her in the German capital with her passport.

EasyJet said the final pre-boarding visual check should have “picked up the passport issue”.

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